When Grandma Read To Me Poem by Jim Yerman

When Grandma Read To Me

I loved going over to Grandma's not just because there was so much to eat and see
but I loved how she always has a book out and how she read to me.

I remember being so excited…sometimes she'd sit me on her knee
And I remember how I used to smile…when Grandma read to me

We've traveled around the world…and I learned fact and fantasy…
without ever leaving her house…when Grandma read to me.

We might visit a castle…or sail in a ship across the sea
or climb the highest mountain…when Grandma read to me

I've watched a hungry caterpillar eat…learned how the Lorax speaks for the trees
and how a spider and a pig can be good friends…when Grandma read to me.

I learned how a cat can wear a hat…while a mad hatter likes to drink tea
I learned about a little prince from another world…when Grandma read to me…

I learned all about unicorns…and how to be the best princess I can be
all from the pages of the books…my Grandma read to me…

As I grew up we read less and less…but I think I'm the person I came to be
because I went to Grandmas house…because she read to me.

Grandma doesn't see as good as she used to…
Like me, I imagine, she loves remembering how we were….
now I see the excitement in her smile
every time I read to her.

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