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Some nights ago
I had a dream
Not just any dream
A dream so real

Love hurts,
When you can't be with the one you love,
Love hurts,
When the one you love is with someone else,

Love is a word with many different meanings,
But love is a feeling with no definition,

Love can be express,

Missing you is like,
The moon without its stars,
Missing you is like,
Peanut butter without jelly,

Freedom, freedom
Is great to have
Freedom, O freedom
Can most times be bad

Is it wrong?
Is it wrong to hide my feelings?
Hide it from someone I have feelings for?
Is it wrong?

Loving you
How do I explain it
There's words
But its more than words

Your the one I want
Your the one I need
Your the one I dreamt
Dreamt in my dreams,

The moon is bright,
The stars are shining,
The sky is dark,
I started yawning,

The sun is bright,
A Nice cool breeze is in the air,
A beautiful day to go somewhere,
A walk in the park,

She's unique in every way,
When she smiles,
Every black cloud fades away,
When she laughs,


Oh Autumn

For you have came


The emotions in me drive me crazy
Feeling after feeling builds up in my brain
Thinking of my feelings they begin to gain
Sit back to release stress, I start getting to get lazy

Don't say you want to leave me,
Because that will hurt more then anything,
Stay with me,
Through all stormy weather.

People say that you have to let go of the past if you want to make it to the future,

Truth is that you will make it to the future but your memories will never fade,


The most beautiful thing that is on a person`s face,
Is their smile,
A smile express itself in many different ways,
A smile can say when your happy,

Sitting on the beach,
With the sun shining down,
Watching the ocean's waters flow,
With bright sparkles all around,

If you need a friend,
I`ll be there,
If you need to cry on a shoulder,
I`ll be there,

There's a young girl,
Who's name is Stephanie,
She's age 19 and only 5ft,
She lives with her mother,

Every morning
I stare out my window
Looking at buildings, people and natures beauty,
People walking around greeting each other

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My name is Shanice Rodriguez and I enjoy writing poetry. I write what comes to mind. Once I think it, I go and write it, before I forget it. For those who read my work, I hope that you will enjoy it and maybe write what you think. Enjoy and thank you)

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I Had A Dream

Some nights ago
I had a dream
Not just any dream
A dream so real
I had a dream
Of a man
A man with no face
But he had a face
A pitch black face
That I could not see it
But he had a handsome face
I could some how see it
Though I could not see it
But I seen it
He had white hair
Curly white hair
To his shoulders
A black and white suit
A cane in his right
Staring at me
From a distance
But for what
A person appears to be with me
By my side
This person says to me
Thats the devil
The man staring at me
Was the devil
Now I realize
Realize why he's staring at me
He wants me
Waiting for me
He wants me to be his
In hell
In his blazing fire
But I stay strong
He does not scare me
He knows I'm strong
With the lord in my life
Hades will never have me
Even though he waits
He can wait forever
His I will never be
Never be the devils
Because the lord has me
In Christ I will always be
And this dream
My awakening

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