Where Is My Love Poem by Aranthabailu Ummar

Where Is My Love

Rating: 5.0

Where is my love
Where is my companion
If I had not been dreamth it there no more sorrow
My sight not reaching at the other end

The path before me now is mild
The moon hiding beyond the dark cloud
Stars not sharing its light with my path
My ways are have no ends

How can I make a love
when she glanced at me without words
She counted the beads only for me
But now she is in mask

what happened to this unseen ghost

When I have deamth god gave me a blink
At the bottom of the hill I put a green chadar
Sing her praises myself drunk the opium of the love
Her hills spread over me the shadow of the peace

Now aisha away from my imagine
Her dates one by one breaking like a weak bridge
Who can share my pain to have a love
Day covers the night and night breaks the day
But nothing could happen with my prayer

May my beams not enogh sharp
May my braeath not enough strong
To reach her, why my cry is too childish
Oh god you cannot create me a love

Oh you! I beg your whole life
Be calm at me and make a chance to have your love
In bottom of your feet is there my life
Shall my worship reach you well?

Roseann Shawiak 02 August 2015

No one can share the pain of losing love, it is an individual sorrow, experienced by one. Very soft and heart wrenching words, my heart feels the sadness in your lines. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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