Where's Your Own Poem? Poem by Kolawole Ajao

Where's Your Own Poem?

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Start by writing anything
and calling it your own poem
Fold your arms and eyes
and wait for people's critiques
Some will say you are a poetaster
That which carries the weight
that your poem isn't weighty
But let not that be the oil
With which your engine is lubricated
Tighten the floor of your heart
by making it reminiscent of Gani's
Then continue in that phantasmagoria
and make many more writes
Remember that the bat isn't a bird
Yet only the owl can raise its hand
In any nocturnal flying
Just wait till the day
When we shall ask you
That golden question up above
By then you are already a P
And they now the p*******r
This will be the day when
you will see by yourself
That both your critics and attackers
Both slept and had their heads
face the same horizon.

Hans Vr 30 June 2010

A good one. So true. If we do not write, we miss out on a lot. Let us keep on writing and poetry will be ours. Very good.

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Elena Sandu 09 May 2010

'Tighten the floor of your heart'..Thank you, I'll try but am not sure that I could, you are so right! ! ..Please let me dream on and say a bird can never be a bat (lol) what if I'd be the bat who dreams in vain to fly for long on sunlights waves but still deep down does love the darkness..with it comes loneliness..and then comes the tiny little written..words.. Lovely poem, thank you,10

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Dr Antony Theodore 25 April 2010

oneday we will be poets.. nice. so go on come what may or what others say. Be Yourself! ! God bless u thank u for sharing! ! !

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Abnish Singh Chauahan 23 April 2010

inspiring poem not only for new comers but for all other writers. Congratulation!

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 21 April 2010

Amazing! Very reflective one! Keep writing!

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Kolawole Ajao

Kolawole Ajao

Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
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