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! Who Can Weigh Love?

Rating: 2.9

Light. Lightness. Light-heartedness.
Who can measure their measureless weight?

On the kitchen scales, we balance
weight against weight; but how different
the substances - on the one scale,
iron weights with their iron discipline
maintain like monks and nuns their constancy;

on the other scale, perhaps fine flour,

poured as bakers recommend, from a height
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Edna Javelosa 14 June 2007

an outstanding way to express love again in poetry..i loved it..

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Marci Made 14 June 2007

You have written about love here in a touching, wonderful way....This poem is better than outstanding and so right on in its content, , , BRAVO! ! ! ~~~~marci.m. :)

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Magda Graf 14 June 2007

A wonderfully reflective poem. I enjoyed reading it.

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David Taylor 14 June 2007

The measure of my appreciation of this loving verse is in the shining of my face which with all my words I fail to adequately express.

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Danny Reynolds 14 June 2007

There is potentially potential wherever we may look, depending upon HOW we choose to look. On a scale of one to ten.....?

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Anna Russell 14 June 2007

10 alone for mentioning Lorenzo di Medici. But apart from that, what a wonderful write Michael, so beautifully written and a delight to read. Hugs Anna xxx

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