Why Poem by Dom Hunt


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Why do you burn inside me
Why do you take my breath away
Why do you make my heart beat
Why do you make me wonder
Why do you smile so
Why do you wrap me up
Why do you hold me near
Why do you fill my dreams
Why do you surround my life
Why do you carry me forward
Why do you caress me so
Why do you touch my soul
Why do you possess me
Why do you talk like that
Why do you lift my spirit
Why do you make me safe
Why do you bring joy
Why do you have me spellbound 
Why do you dance for me
Why do you move so nice
Why do you fly above
Why do you capture me
Why do you make me better
Why do you ease my mind
Why do you make life more

Bri Edwards 11 July 2013

my wife better not read this poem because i never wrote one like this for her! actually, it sounds less like a poem and more like just a list.......a nice list, but a list. if it had some rhyming i would be more apt to call it a poem and enjoy it more. but if you give the poem to a love you will probably not regret it...........unless she/he keeps bugging you by asking Why? i hate when they ask that question.

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Tony Karas 31 December 2012

Sometimes it's best merely to accept, difficult as it may be, and not question or try to understand. Somethings simply cannot be explained.

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Ruby Honeytip 31 December 2012

Hmmmmmm....love is a gift. A great big, confusing, beautiful, aching question. If I stumble across the answer, I will let you know. Lovely outpouring of feeling here: -)

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Gold Trybes 31 December 2012

oh what a beautiful poem...could give a flower for this, ...well penned...

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