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~why Can'T I Be Happy? ~

Why can't I be happy
when the world is at my door?
I have all that I'll ever need.
I couldn't ask for more.

Then tell me why I'm empty.
Why do I feel so low?
I wonder what is wrong with me
and if I'll ever know.

My brain say's ''Stop debating..
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As long as you are surrounded by love, that's all that matters, as one gets older one appreciates very simple things, and materials things get to be so unimportant. I hope you will be blessed with lots of love. Love Ernestine XXX

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Dee Daffodil 29 May 2006

Mary...and let me guess...you feel guilty for wanting things when you should be perfectly happy, perfectly content, with all that you have. After all...any rational person would be happy...correct? After all...there are probably people who would kill to have all that you have...correct? Whoa Mary...this sounds all too familiar girl! Happiness comes in fleeting moments, meant to be savoured as memories. If you were happy all the time, how would the moments of your lifetime stand out? They would become a blur of insignificance. Enjoy the moments as they come, that's really all any of us can hope for. Big Hugs! ! Dee

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a sad and moving poem...the flow was wonderful and i really felt the emotion in this one which is one of the things i love in your poetry...very nicely done!

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David Tanguay 29 May 2006

I don't believe anyone can answer your question Mary. The declaration of independence give us the right to pursue happiness. However I believe no one has ever found what their searching for. You'll find those who always have the blues a little, are the ones who care about others. (that's what I believe anyway)

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Duncan Wyllie 29 May 2006

This, though very sad, is one of my favourites from you, I think that it says so much about the person and the openess of their feelings and the BRAVERY this takes love duncan

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