Paula Glynn

Why Do You Let Him? - Poem by Paula Glynn

This is your life and your choice,
So why do you let him control you?
He beats you black and blue,
Then walks coldly away,
Leaving you on your knees to hope, wish and pray,
He just doesn't give a damn,
Except to hurt you, see you bruise and cry,
He is cold to the core, no love inside,
The man you loved is gone,
And putting up with it won't bring him back,
There are people who care,
And who can bring you right on track,
You're carrying the weight of the world,
On your shoulders, but the world is no colder,
You are free: even though you feel isolated and trapped,
And I know those days you can't get back,
But you can have today again:
Without fear, violence and panic attacks,
Because not all men are like this, and you deserve better,
This nightmare won't last forever, it won't keep biting you,
But you must do what you must do,
And look out for you,
You have the power to walk away and start afresh,
You can be a beautiful fighter,
For you are beautiful to me, and many others see it,
No one need haunt you if you learn to love yourself,
And you could be richer than you could ever imagine,
I know it's hard: I feel your pain,
But you can get through and face all your fears,
Because being alone has got to be better than his abuse,
He just won't stop, until you say stop,
So take my hand and let me guide you,
For wherever you go, I will be beside you,
Your pain will ease in time and I won't give up on you,
So know you're not alone and have many friends,
All waiting for you to reach out an asking hand.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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