Why Wait? (A Poem On Blood Donation) Poem by Rajesh Thankappan

Why Wait? (A Poem On Blood Donation)

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One need not wait for a natural calamity or a flood
To donate precious life saving blood,
This fluid is a godly boon
For people whose life in danger loom.
Blood cannot be artificially manufactured
And that is why it is so desperately required,
One more thing that we should remember
Blood donation great benefits to the donor do confer.
Donating blood is surely a kind angelic act
But to save a life we should act really fast.

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 16 January 2015

Yes one of the holiest activities of mankind is the blood donation for the fellow-beings in time of adversity and this is the height of humanity.........Rajeshji......very well said in passionate words for the great cause.....10

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Valsa George 17 January 2015

January, being the month earmarked to create awareness for blood donation, this is indeed a timely write, exhorting men to undertake this humanitarian act... It is giving a new lease of life to someone in danger! It is beneficial both for the receiver and the donor! A beautiful write!

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Josey Alfred 30 March 2016

A beautiful write sir, It is our duty to donate blood to the needy, because our own life depended on the donated blood form our mother. It is our duty to sustain one another when in urgent need to sustain a life. Remember to do it while you are still young. Because old blood is not accepted.

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Bri Edwards 27 January 2015

strange? that i recently read a similar poem by Akhtar Jawad (who commented below) . Akhtar's poem: Blood Donation It does not affect your health, It does not affect your wealth, Twice a year every year, Or at least once a year, Donate your blood my dear, No fear, no fear, yes no fear, You'll see two wings with your arms, On your head a crown of charms, High very high in the blue sky, With the angels when you will fly, The sky will ask who this is, Earth will reply my son you kiss, He donates his blood and lives he saves, I give birth to both angels and the knaves. Akhtar Jawad Submitted: Friday, January 16,2015 ===================== after rereading A.J.'s poem, it occurred to me that some (most likely christians; i'm not one) would say jesus gave his blood to save both angels and knaves. i would rather save only angels; let the devil 'save' the knaves! i 'love' to donate blood, partly because i enjoy being around 'medical procedures and personnel (especially the 'girls') ', and partly because it is so easy (for me at least) to give so much, and it mostly just costs me some of my time (none of my money!) . i give every four months. my poem regarding blood 'donating' (2014) : Bloodmobile Blunder …… [BLOOD: donating? ; suspense? ; humor? ; MISTAKE; a little LONG] thanks for sharing. may every needle which pokes you be SHARP...... and on target! ! bri :)

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Albert Ahearn 26 January 2015

A sensible message. Thanks for sharing.

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Geetha Jayakumar 22 January 2015

A beautiful poem on timely write on Blood donation. Really a beautiful message you have passed through this poem. Yes, one should donate blood to save life. Loved reading it.

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Akhtar Jawad 19 January 2015

A great message in a beautiful poem. We believe donation of blood saves the life of the donor as well............10

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