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Why Won'T You Read My Poetry?

I printed all my poems out and put them in a book.
I've placed it on the table in the hopes you'll take a look.

You know you'll find my soul there beneath the cover page.
You'll read about my pleasures, my heartaches and my rage.

I know you don't like poetry and this I understand
but how can you not want to peek into my ''wonderland''?

If you would take a minute and peruse a page or two

I think you'd be suprised to read the thoughts I have of you.
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Ernestine Northover 26 September 2005

I don't think that would work with my other half, I have to tie him down to get him to concentrate on what I have written. I enjoyed this one. Sincerely Ernestine.

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Marcy Jarvis 26 September 2005

This one is funny - you know it is so true. And so is your solution.

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Theorem Thetruthserum 23 September 2005

Cool write...I read your poems Mary. :)

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Eila Mahima Jaipaul 23 September 2005

Love it... and I know what you mean... -Eila

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Herbert Nehrlich1 23 September 2005

This is excellent, Mary. And what is it with spouses? I have to trick mine into sitting in that special chair, lean back and listen to one of mine. ......'is it a long one? , I sure hope not...' H

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Frank Cannon 20 January 2008

I, and my iTouch, are off to the bath-reading-room to peruse some more of your wondrous work! !

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Brian Dorn 22 June 2006

Wonderful poem, Mary. I like how the serious tone becomes unexpectantly humerous at the end... Well done! ! Brian

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Good Mary and some interesting thoughts and ideas. Humour as well - I like it

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Tony Jennett 04 November 2005

What a bitter last couplet

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Shelia Williams 27 September 2005

It's funny that I'm going through the same thing. I placed my book on the table and now it's missing.

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