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*****will You Be There? ?

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Nearby you seem

Now when I reach out and feel

Smiles toss and tumble

Scatter all over me

Inhibition sets in way

Discouraged you are not

Although many fail

Realities scornfully say

How long you'd stay? ?

Suppressing that thought you look away

Zeroing in that blurring endless ray of fate

Ask you shall I?

Will you be there to heal?

The wounds that have lifted their veils

Will you be there?

To ease the ever increasing pain

Will you be there?

Or perhaps scuttle off to an event horizon

Covering your sensibilities with fingers of sanity

Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

Realities scornfully say How long you'd stay? Rachel Ann Butler

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 01 September 2008

woudnt we all love to be able to ask that of someone... anyone even, at times...? ...but i daresay the faith the one must evince in you for you to even think them worthy of such trust....the answer i daresay i often 'no'.a great read...!

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Francesca Martin 30 June 2008

'Smiles toss and tumble Scatter all over me' I love this line. We can never be sure of consistency and permanency but what seems intangible to us at times may be there all along.

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Irum . 27 June 2008

breaching the line between the two universes ....awesome

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Indira Babbellapati 27 June 2008

sure there will be some body, rehan...what's expected of one, comes to us from an unexpected quarter...

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