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issue ofmine
borne with love,
birthed with care;

from the other side of sunshine
from the village behind the stars

i fancy your coming back to me

You toy with the idea
Of being my Empathy
You congratulate yourself
For the humanity

My soul is mellow
The hues of this eve sallow
And the old moon a queer
Shade of yellow.

i have ached for you,
since time began
to have any meaning;
since the world began

im in love
with love

i love you

I grow nettles in my garden
I hate flowers...
Theyre so pretty
Sweet, scented, natures lot

starlit sky,
you sitting by,
gazing at the heavens...
then into my eye

The Barks chop down the
Heavy block of country solitude
And with them comes the
Crippling Peel of the hunters horn.

And again and again,
I weep.

Each time the shock stales,

the arm holes stare
like dumb gaping wounds
at the passersby
the single eye painted

And yet lived
And yet i ate

The past peers at me
Through the brittle glass of every window
Strange sensations curl themselves
Up against my insides


Sitting in a pool of insipid light
Wrought by convulsive sobs,
Trembling with the shock of the attack
She hugs herself tightly.

this sentient, sensuous mind
has learned the art of
dreams refined...
my powder pink

you sleep next to me every night,
yet you've never heard me weep..
you lie with me in the warmth of my bed,
yet you've never felt the heat..

never ignore a silence
until you mean to
ignore forever
the bearer

there's something in your eyes
something i havent seen for a
long time

All these choices,
All these notions.
All feasible,
All veritable solutions;

flowers etched in glass
their bloom immortalized,
their frangrance a frozen promise
never tested hence never broken....

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born: ambitious achieved: degree in medicine hope: to write my way into heaven goal: to die with a at least a two lined epitaph)

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, , A Mothers Anger

issue ofmine
borne with love,
birthed with care;
i look at you now
the naughty gleam in your eye,
as your worrisome ministrations
wreck havoc with all order.

i look and marvel
at the miracle of your evolution..
from gurgles to mumbles
and thence to comprehensions;
the actions with anger
tempered by the pouts
which dissolve my resolution to be firm.

you, little bundle of joy and woe
all atwitter in a fit of
infantile anger..
i look at you, bewildered
marvelling, as a mother
at what God had me do!

inspired by my year half old daughter who has the strange power to drive me to tears and then be smiling thru them as she licks my face like a little loving poodle!

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James Timothy Jarrett 26 July 2008

Excellent poem. It makes me feel the pain

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