Wish.... Poem by Deepti Agarwal


Rating: 4.8

Wish I could be a Tree
and feels the Earth beneath
spreading my branches free
giving shelter to all thee.

Birds make their nest
when tired, come to rest.
As green as I could be
standing calm, all by me.

Wind blows
spreading my flowers
all over the road.

When I bear fruits
feels myself so cute
Atmosphere near me
fills with sweet fragrance
tiny little hands
all come for a chance
birds and bees fills me
chirping and jumping
all over me.

Oh! What a wish
I just had
Wish, my wish to come true
and make me all glad.

Rani Turton 26 May 2008

I really liked this generous poem, because trees are the very symbol of generosity, they spread their shade for all, they give their fruits to all and for free; insects and birds come and avail of shelter and syrup. In a way you are like that tree, Deepti...thanks for this lovely poem.

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Abha Sharma 26 May 2008

Yes, a very sincere wish, a compassionate feeling, to merge with nature and be one with it, and contribute to the survival… We need humans benefiting mankind in the form of trees… Well composed thought, an attitude of humbleness.. Abha

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Kesav Easwaran 26 May 2008

a poem that speaks of a lot of friendship and sincerity... presume, shows the true nature of the poetess herself...a good poem. Ten

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Ted M 28 August 2009

A wish to provide so much to others is quite something in these days of cut-throat competition. Speaks highly of the writer.....If I could think a little like that, it would make a big difference........A very nice message..........10+++

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Indira Babbellapati 10 June 2008

to be a tree n nothing else...reads one of the poems on 'art of living.' i do relate myself with wht u wrote...

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Vidi Writes 26 May 2008

A tree has roots, stem, branches and leaves Fruit, flower, bird, shade all wealth Everything is fine, as long as this tree can withstand - Beaming sun in the summer, the root battles Wind and shower of monsoon, the branches resist Harsh chill of the winter, tree survives Great is this concept of Tree and its life Humans can take a bit of time to understand. Great to feel that you took time for it. I just love this concept of being a tree. And I love your WISH too. Thank you

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Mamta Agarwal 26 May 2008

a wish to be a treelike is really symbolic, i too often think all that a tree gives-shelter, fruits., shade, beauty, i have expressed similar sentiments in my poem Bamboo. lovely DEEPTI

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Motionless, Strong and Stout I stand beyond age, He came, sat beside me, felt me and became sage. If Buddha has struggled for knowledge to find Who can deny its me who nourished him from behind? - Good Luck Preeti.

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