Wonder Poem by Daniel Bernard Kelleher


Rating: 5.0

You may not always see the wonder
Of friendships you hold so dear
Nor thinking of their value
Yet knowing they are always there

Do you ever wonder sometimes
How they impact on your life
They take the sorrow from your heart
Replacing it with a smile

Your best friend is beside you always
And when trouble comes to your door
Their the first around to help you
Showing you they really care

Stop whatever you are doing
Take a moment to consider
how your best friend think of you
Maybe like a loving sister do

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship
Margaret O Driscoll 19 November 2015

Love the poem, love the line 'they take the sorrow from your heart' especially. Wonderful work!

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Daniel Kelleher 19 November 2015

That's what friends do Thank you for your comments

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Daniel Kelleher 08 November 2015

Yes indeed a true friend is surely an asset, Lots of times we take them for granted.Thank God I have a few truly amazing friends M/F. Thank you Musawir for kind words, hope soon you will find a BEST FRIEND

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Musawir Raakh 08 November 2015

Friend is the asset of life, but unfortunately never had good 1 but always selfish, this poem truly indicated the characteristic of nice friend, good job dear

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