Words Lost, Promises Stolen Poem by Meredith B.

Words Lost, Promises Stolen

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We're being robbed of everything right
Nobody has courage to stand and to fight.
There are words being lost, life comes at a cost
But now we need to stand with might

We've lost the word gay
But that's okay
We have words for happy
But please let me say

We're losing words more precious right now
promises being stolen how could this be allowed
We all know it's wrong, but what can we do?
These are some words being taken from you:

Marriage, love, hate, equality
Justice, Male, female, bigotry.
These words and more are all under siege
I could get in trouble for calling her 'she'!

God left a promise to Noah in the sky
He saw it and soon he was filled with pure joy
Don't you see how broken we are?
Now, when I see rainbows, I could cry!

If I tell them they're wrong then I'm 'full of hate'
So what can we do? This can't be our fate!
Reach closer for God, for He knows our pain,
And when he stands with us we will not be swayed.

If you haven't been listening pay attention to this:
This is a problem that we cannot miss.
This is a crisis. This is a war.
Stand firm in the faith, and do not give in.

Charlotte M. 01 December 2022

This is so true! I almost cried when I read it.

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