Writing Poetry: 101 Writing With Heart Poem by Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)

Writing Poetry: 101 Writing With Heart

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it is not important
what other people think
or say about your poetry

it is only important
what you think
what you want to say

be patient
take time
write often

but do not try to hard
you are not looking
for a style...

other people think
you should have
or write in

you are writing what you know
what you feel if you feel strongly enough
need to express yourself enough

eventually one day you will write yourself

in the meantime enjoy the journey
enjoy any good comments
forget the bad

bad style
bad poems
are part of the journey

we all write badly
sometimes trying to hard
trying to write at the wrong time

but write through the bad
to a little better
to a little better still

to quite good
to good to bad
in time you will write

well if you want to
need to

one day you might
write an exceptional poem
a masterpiece

Sunday, October 4, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: creativity,patience,poems,poetry,style,writing
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in September 2020 on the 29.9.2020.
I wrote the poem 'Writing Poetry: 101 Writing With Heart' inspired by a request by the poet Arb Rudi.
Dedicated to the poet Arb Rudi.
Complete version of the split images 'Write What You Think', 'Write Often' and 'Trying To Write At The Wrong Time' by the poet Terence George Craddock.
See also 'Writing Poetry: 101' by the poet Terence George Craddock.
Sandra Feldman 04 October 2020

A very encouraging and highly didactic poem on writing poetry, Some very good and useful advise. The necessity of sincerity and feeling what you say. The important thing is to write. I totally agree, A very generous poem, indeed, that all those who write poetry should read, admire and be grateful for.

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Terry Craddock 05 October 2020

Yes MAHTAB I totally agree, you are a poet and naturally do all these things. It comes easier with time. I also usually write fast as a pure spontaneous stream of my thoughts. I write this as prose in reply to a poet asking for advice in two separate paragraphs, but take away the capitals, the commas, change the arrangement as above, add one word 'must' in the 4th last line and it is identical. When this happens the feeling is euphoric.

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Mahtab Bangalee 05 October 2020

beautifully expressed your pure thought about the poetry writings and its characteristics. Yes, I think so- Poem is mine, only my treasure of thought. Poetry is my property of knowledge. It's my pleasure that to express how I like. All rules, forms, styles of this poetry writing are only from my choice. Coz- it's a pure spontaneous stream of my thoughts.

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Paul Brookes 05 October 2020

We all have a voice sometimes borrowed sometimes original we are influenced by what we read our lives and our loves. I remember someone saying why are you bothering you'll never get published Well my reply was that's not my aim, I just have to write its not a choice good bad or indifferent. Enjoyed this piece and its sound advise.

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Terry Craddock 06 November 2020

I think the circle is complete, the poem 'Writing Poetry: 101 Writing With Poetic Energy', covers the last basic aspects of when and how to write poetry, because at heart, a poet writes poetry, because a poet must write poetry.

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Terry Craddock 06 November 2020

Yes I agree especially with the core truth of your comment, 'we are influenced by what we read our lives and our loves.' I addressed the importance of both reading and what we know, which includes 'our lives and our loves', in the poem 'Poets Writing Universal Topic Themes With Epic Insight'.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 05 October 2020

A well composed poem. Truly magnificent and inspiring...5 stars*****

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L Milton Hankins 04 October 2020

Important, well-written piece of advice in poetic form.

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