Wrong Poem by Mahfooz Ali


Rating: 3.5

Homicide or murder,
aborting or killing.
It just doesn't seem right,
but people are willing.

The blinded people don't see
that so many lives are taken.
The baby just dies,
never to awaken.

Abortion is murder;
it's all the same.
It's a matter of death,
not just a game.

So you chose to kill,
you thought it was the right thing to do.
Now your baby is dead,
and you wish you were too.

You made a mistake,
now just who has to pay?
Don't blame the poor baby,
he deserved to stay.

Sophia White 20 July 2006

Amens all around! ! We cannot speak of Hitler and the Holocaust when we have one of our own right under our proud little noses. A powerful poem that says it like it is.

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Shayla Gupta 09 April 2007

Good selection of topic & very correctly & well said. Good work

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Donny S 18 September 2006

well your stance on abortion is VERY CLEAR (and I agree so no worries) Great rhythm and rhyme here Keep up the good work Dona

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Nalini Hebbar 20 July 2006

there is never enought said about this...great going...love...nalini

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Preeti - is here! 20 July 2006

It's a very powerpacked poem on a very relevant theme, but i don't think killing in war or getting killed in halacaust is abortion..or is it? Preets

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Not Long Left 20 July 2006

A title that will always provoke disscussion. You make your point reasonalby well, alhtough there are two sides to a coin. I think you have simplified the act of abortion to enable the poem to work. It is not as simple as you make it sound. in your first line you state that people are willing, this is not always the case, willing suggests that the decesion is made instantly without thinking about the actions and how they will effect the person. regards vincent

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Mahfooz Ali

Mahfooz Ali

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