X..... Blissful Paradox Poem by Aufie Zophy

X..... Blissful Paradox

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Jesus: turn your other cheek
Mohammed: fight a holy war
Paradoxical so it seems
Who is wrong and who is right?

A question that has bothered me
For so long until one day
I saw the movie, Gandi
It solved it straight away

I saw Ghandi fighting
The strongest of holy wars
While turning his cheek
A fight on the highest possible plane

I read the speech “I have a dream”
Another warrior for justice
Non-violence was his creed
Another holy war while turning cheek

The contradiction is only fake,
We have to fight injustice
With all the might we can
But on the highest plane.

Fighting a holy war
While turning cheek
Winning is the only outcome
Indeed a blissful paradox

Erika Wingo 24 November 2012

Stunning and insightful. Great work.

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Jisha Ct 12 August 2011

awsome poetry....Thanks for sharing you good opinion and perspective about tolerance and contradiction.

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Malaya Roses 10 August 2011

We take all the contrast into a beautiful picture of life and PEACE for all. Thanks for sharing you good opinion and perspective about tolerance and contradiction.

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Ezediuno Louis Odinakaose 10 August 2011

PARADOX; It has always been like that of things of our world. 'Life is VANIRY but God LOVES it so that he GAVE HIS ONLY AND LOVED SON.' and the devil wants it soo badly. PARADOK; Issues of our world.

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Terence George Craddock 09 August 2011

'I saw Ghandi fighting The strongest of holy wars While turning his cheek A fight on the highest possible plane' The greatest gift possible to give, seems to be our own lives, not in violence but in non-violence, for the rights of others; who lack the strength and ability to overcome injustice alone. Civilizations and history normally acclaim military leaders who won stunning victories but caused immense suffering as worthy of admiration. Alexander The Great or Julius Caesar Augustus who fought to enforce their will upon other free nations in Ancient World Conquest. More recently Napoleon Bonaparte with his Coalition Wars Of Conquest in his Middle East Egyptian campaign and in the heart of Europe. The Twentieth Century witnessed leaders of supposed modern civilizations, launch two horrific World Wars. Contemporary leaders are still invading the sovereign borders of other nations. wars in which they claim God is on their side. 'God bless those who fear to speak for the fallen and the weak God bless those who fear to be in the right with two or three.' Wars do not prove who is right, they prove who has the might. Modern nationalism and wars on terrorism, are still killing more innocent civilian men women and children than soldiers. Nations forget Jesus said 'blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'. 'Blessed are the peacemakers.' 'He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword'. I also have pondered how exalted souls achieved change, human rights previously denied, greater equality and basic human dignity; through non-violence protest and the extraordinary power of faith, belief and hope. Ghandi is one of our precious enlightened souls. I wrote a poem 'The Colour Bar' back in 1996, about three great human beings, three inspiring miracles of transformation, during the later part of the Twentieth Century. Men who achieved justice and freedom for oppressed people, not just for their own ethnic group, but for all humanity. These noble souls who achieved heights of true greatness are of course Mohatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandi, Nelson Rolihlaha Mandela and Martin Luther King. I agree with you Aufie, 'Jesus Of Nazareth lead no armies in conquest/ slaughtered no enemies with blood red hands'. His legacy was a message of peace, love God, love your neighbour as yourself. The entire world is your neighbour. In a modern global world, all humanity, all races, cultures, religions, are entitled to basic human rights, a fair trial, freedom, dignity, respect, justice. God with his ten basic commandments has declared it so for all time. God said do not be calling evil good. War is not good, it is evil. Turn swords into plough shears and learn war no more. The 'Blissful Paradox' has a clear solution.

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