Bri Mar

'' You Alone Are The Messenger Of Death '' - Poem by Bri Mar

To all those who murder you need to be told,
It’s with evil you are in tow,
An act of cowardice is nothing to behold,
Nor is a mind contemplating death row.

Humans are like fashion they constantly change,
There’s the peaceful and those who love war,
Our behaviour at times does truly derange,
We are constantly asking, what for.

We can’t live together we can’t live without,
What’s the difference between love and hate?
As greed and arrogance leave our future in doubt,
Our destruction we refuse to abate.

We claim to love Gods yet destroy in their name,
Do you honestly believe they’d say yes?
A deity who allows you to kill and maim,
Who encourages his followers to transgress?

I doubt very much such a person exists,
Face the facts it is you who is blind,
You are the reason brutality persists,
Blaming your creator is just so unrefined.

For every evil action you will find an excuse,
Accountability is then cast to the side,
Refusal to accept blame is a form of abuse,
Behind others the coward will hide.

If you pull the trigger it’s you, who’re at fault,
No one else, it’s all down to you,
Trying to shame others is a form of assault,
The problem with humans is it’s nothing new.

If you’re saying you truly believe in a God,
Show us where he instructs you to kill,
If you can prove it I’d find that quite odd,
As you claim he does spread good will.

So with that in mind if your God Does exist,
When you meet him what will he say?
That journey to Hell you are next on my list?
Your repentance doesn’t hold any sway?

If truth be told you’re just murdering scum,
Who revel in seeing that last breath?
It’s to your own depravity the innocent succumb,

‘’ You Alone Are The Messenger Of Death ‘’

Topic(s) of this poem: deaths

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this as a warning to those who use their God to justify cold blooded murder, it won't work you will be held responsible for your actions not God.

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