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You Fill My Soul With Sunshine

Rating: 5.0

You fill my soul with sunshine
my heart with tender care.
You fill my world with happiness
knowing that you are always there

Every waking hour
is filled with your love
that I feel I’ve been blessed
with an angel from above

There are no words enough
to express the way I feel
knowing that this heart
will never feel no ill.

This old world may go on,
being crazier every day.
However, I have the inner warmth of knowing
you fill my soul with sunshine each and every day.


Very nice work here, David...Tight, crisp versing...Mellifluous structural work...Quelling language, complimenting a serene storyline...Solid crafting. FjR

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The Sunshine of Love, a gift from the one above... A great poem for the one you love...10

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Marci Made 09 June 2007

Very very nice and how fortunate are you to have this kind of love in your life..Hold on to it, , , , , for it is rare and not often found..........marci. :)

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Melvina Germain 09 June 2007

A beautiful poem flowing right through to the end, also a wonderful tribute to your Lady Love. Excellent my friend, thankyou--Melvina--

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It is beautiful sweetheart.As is the lucky lady in question! That inner warmth of yours is VERY apparent. t x

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Ron Flowers 16 July 2008

This is what I imagine everyone strives for. Beautifully done. Ron

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Raymond Wright 02 May 2008

This is so beautiful that it left me breathless. I envision the smile of a dear friend when I read this. Thank you for writing it!

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Meggie Gultiano 31 July 2007

enjoyed this one, David..i can feel also that i was filled with sunshine everyday of my life..So loving and it!

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JoAnn McGrath 10 June 2007

So rare these day to find someone still so deeply in love with the one they married.........utopia at it's finest....thanks for sharing....

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Alison Cassidy 09 June 2007

As one whose favourite colour is YELLOW, I applaud this description of your lover and your love. Such a sweet, light piece straight from that place. love, Allie xxxx

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