If I Ruled The World Poem by David Harris

If I Ruled The World

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If I ruled the world,
many changes I would make.
It would be required
that happiness shone
from everyone’s eyes,
not hate or oppression.

If I ruled the world,
I would require
everyone to love each other
as a sister or a brother
and care for those suffering
from the pains of illness.

If I ruled the world,
I would want it to be
a happier and more loving place
of lasting peace.
There would be no wars,
no hurt in anyone’s life.
Life would be long
and held with respect.

If I ruled the world
this is what I would require,
but sadly I do not
and my dreams are just dreams
of a place we call tranquillity.

However, if I ruled the world
I would try to make tranquillity
into our own reality.

I February 2010

Uchechukwu mmesomachi 09 July 2018

Add a comment....i love this,please i love to copy it and post.

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Unwritten Soul 05 March 2010

wow i like if u rule the world...live in peace no war...there is no word of hate will exist.. thanks for sharing a nice emotion...love and peace and harmless...like a bird fly free and no boundaries...it remind my previous poem about friendship...

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Pamela Lutwyche 28 February 2010

Sounds good your world.

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Tsira Goge 13 February 2010

Greetings, You have informed remarkable words... you have a gold heart. Father-david, the god has given us free will and from this we resist a correct life... which will be approved from the god..10.. Sincerely, Tsira

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David Harris

David Harris

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