You've Already Lost Poem by Paula Glynn

You've Already Lost

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You've already lost:
After all this mess
No one's going to believe I killed myself.

No one is going to believe
You're the innocent victim
Who was always nice,

For you're nice now
You are certainly contentious
And always helpful,

But memories remain
Those of my pain
So be glad I'm a fool,

For I had been a fool
When I should've put
Your head through the wall.

I pray you are nice
And find redemption
For I learnt my lesson,

And when God hears your confession
I hope he has mercy
On your unknown and lost soul,

I hope you are nice
And never pay the price
Of what I had been.

I doubt you'll ever be
On my Christmas card list
Or invited to my wedding,

And everywhere I go
You won't be
For I have seen the truth,

For when I lost my power
I became a laughing stock
But now I take stock

And attack quickly and efficiently
Whenever targeted
So thank you for making me a fighter:

Because now I am forever free.

Saturday, June 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: fighter
Khairul Ahsan 13 June 2020

A poem of poignant thoughts.

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

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