Your Corner At Home Poem by Khairul Ahsan

Your Corner At Home

Rating: 4.8

There is a secluded corner at our home,
At which I often look and quietly watch
How deftly you have built a world of your own.
With your neat hands you have stacked there
All your 'own' commodities in perfect order.

Sometimes I'm curious to know what all
You've kept there, the personal'possessions'
That you fancied to possess and preserve.
When you are home alone, at times you open
This world to yourself and tidily rearrange things.

Your slender fingers search through the nooks
And the corners, to reassure things are alright.
Between the layers you grope and look for
Not some currency notes nor some jewellery,
But my thirty some years old scribed letters!

You have a chest for money and valuables, some
Secret chambers for jewellery and other things too.
More than the valuables you love to touch and read
My old letters and some of yours as well, kept edited,
But never posted, just seen and folded back in place.

15 April 2014
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
This is about a steel almirah that I bought for my wife soon after our marriage thirty four years ago. We've had to travel to a lot of places on tours of duty and change homes at every station. Strangely, she has carried this all through and never abandoned it like some other even costlier possessions that we parted with, before leaving each station. I love to observe how fondly she owns it, maintains it and above all, nurtures her emotions involved with her possessions kept in it.

Sometimes when I am home alone, I look at it just to feel how fondly my wife touches it. One day we both will be no more. Nobody will know how much love is associated with it.
Aniruddha Pathak 07 March 2019

How so small a house that we call home might be. But everyone has a little hole in it that is his/her own. And this treasure trove of memories is life long. Lovely poem.

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Khairul Ahsan 08 March 2019

Thank you, dear poet @Aniruddha Pathak, for your thoughtful comment on my poem. I am much inspired by your appreciation.

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Valsa George 06 March 2019

How this reminds me of my own almirah! It is exclusively my own and I treasure it! Sometimes my husband is eager to see what all I treasure in it! Surprisingly the contents in your wife's cupboard match exactly those of mine including the letters we exchanged during the first years of our marriage when he had to stay away from me occasionally on account of his job! I could so well relate to this beautiful poem! A 10

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Khairul Ahsan 06 March 2019

Thanks, Valsa George, for reading one of my older poems. This almirah has travelled so many places with us, and with it, carried so many fond memories! Sometimes when I am home alone, I look at it just to feel how fondly my wife touches it. One day we both will be no more. Nobody will know how much love is associated with it. I'm glad to know that you could so well relate to the poem. That's an inspiration for me.

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Rebecca Navarre 27 May 2017

What A Beautifully Special Poem! ! ! ! ! Of Two Very Loving Hearts! ! ! ! ! Simply Precious! ! ! ! ! It Is Wonderful And Heart Warming! ! ! ! ! To See Such A Poem! ! ! ! ! Thank You So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! So Very Many 10S! ! ! ! ! +++++

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Khairul Ahsan 16 January 2019

I am absolutely elated by your comment, @Rebecca Navarre! Thanks for the kind words and the generous 10.

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Khairul Ahsan 06 May 2014

@ Susan Lacovara Thank you very much, for being the first to comment on this piece of mine that was lying unread and uncommented upon, at some corner of PH. I am so much inspired, you've really made my day. Not all poems of a poet can be good, yet my poems are like my children. When one is glaringly ignored, I feel ignored. About the poem, it is a real life description, and yes, I look with much affection when my wife does what she does with 'her things', me lying in bed or sitting at the table, seemingly not paying much attention to her, but actually otherwise. I am glad you liked my poem, and thanks for your more than generous words.

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Susan Lacovara 06 May 2014

What a wonderful, cared for treasure trove of memories, kept kindly by a special soul. Amazing poem, filled with affection, in a way, you, my friend are masterful! The pleasure was mine, this gem to read. PEACE

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