Your Dress Your Address Poem by mark nwagwu

Your Dress Your Address

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going through the wardrobe
your clothes in quiet stance
all sorts some i gave you
and these i much adore
no address here though

some you had made
lucien the tailor
tight-fitting body-hugging,
form in revelry
your figure a signature
character in ascension
striding in admiration
and in adulation
made you distinct

your dress your address
bodywaves, ibadan, nigeria

Ency Bearis 04 August 2009

nice observation...and meaningful write...great poem...10

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Dress to undress/address one’s ‘personality quotient’ Relevant poem indeed 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Mark Nwagwu 16 August 2009

from me, mark nwagwu, here is a comment from a friend who was 'un able to comment' and whose name I have left out hi dear friend..sorry un able to your poem..was beautiful and shows your lovely observation for what the beauty does mean..and i agree with you your dress is your address...gave you ten..regards **your dress your address User Rating: 10.0 /10 (6 votes)

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~ Jon London ~ 15 August 2009

There's a great depth to your observation've created a wonderful rich poem filled with thoughts that give the reader much to ponder on my friend....Great work as always...10++

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Anjali Sinha 06 August 2009

wow a lovely poem and good observation I truly believe that its dress that maketh a man -10 anjali

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 05 August 2009

Well, dress and bodywaves give the whereabout. There are similiarities in a country and a body's culture. You have deeply observed them. A unique poem in its flavour and meanings. Good one, Mark. Regards Naseer

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mark nwagwu

mark nwagwu

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