Enter The Poem Poem by mark nwagwu

Enter The Poem

Rating: 4.8

Come in enter the poem
why stand there like an iceberg out of sorts
in the tropics dripping noise baked
in fiery waters.

Come in enter the poem
lyrical veins of solemn silence
balls of verbs rolled into joy
subjects at the sharpened fore
fill your past tensed famished soul
on buffets of adverbial gourmet

Come in enter the poem
peace reigns in restful phloem
rhyming tendrils comb your hair
adjectives in starchy flair
sweet the smell of inflorescence
atop the noun of lofty essence

Come in enter the poem
live in symphony of life's distances
rendered in notes of trembling nuances

Christine Austin Cole 17 July 2008

Ah yes - a good poem pulls the reader inside it, where they discover its nuances, its dark corners, its bright lights, quiet whispers - the everything it has to offer. The difference between a poem with depth and one that just sits idly on the page, no matter how well constructed the latter may be, is, to me, the measure of quality. Poetry is and ever will be, should be and ought, more than than the simple act of writing a poem. I fell in to this one - and found myself in a world both fantastic and precise. An excellent combination and one not easily achieved. Great work here, Mark. Christine

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Jurietta Duraan 13 July 2008

Mard, there is stunning wordplay here and the rhyme workds. It is a colourful poem and draws the reader in... forcing them to want to enter the poem.

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Chenna Linda 11 July 2008

remarkable, great work, original

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Stone Granite 11 July 2008

Imaginatively well done. An absolutely excellent write.

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Deepti Agarwal 10 July 2008

hmmm....... a different and a good work.. :)

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Ashraful Musaddeq 01 October 2008

'Come in enter the poem live in symphony of life's distances rendered in notes of trembling nuances' I enjoyed this piece.

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Lourdes Schopenhauer 29 July 2008

this is a flowing and delicious meta text

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Chris Mendros 23 July 2008

i don't know where to begin w/ this. Evocative imagery, and thought-provoking ideas. Starts with a distinct rhythm, gels into rhyme, ends w/ a break in form that suggests the sometimes wandering spirit of the poet's muse. Not sure, but i think this is a masterpiece.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 20 July 2008

i loved this piece! it's marvelous.you're very talented with words.

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Kesav Easwaran 18 July 2008

good diction...clever usage of words...presentation enjoyable...well done thanks

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mark nwagwu

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