And Warmth Was Born Poem by mark nwagwu

And Warmth Was Born

Rating: 4.8

The stable was cold
and Joseph too
The donkey was cold
and Mary too
Jesus is born
and wamth is on

Chitra - 19 September 2008

nice poem, with Jesus born...the warmth of holiness and spirituliaty..evanescent blessings.. are born

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Ron Flowers 04 August 2008

I like this a lot. Ron

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Mudashiru Shittu Yomi 10 July 2008

interesting.maybe u read poems on childhoods to trigger ur can i get a free copy of ur novel

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Jurietta Duraan 09 June 2008

With just a few words, a war can be won.... one birth can do the same. Thanks.

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Raveendran . 24 December 2007

Excellent Parallelism

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Sandra Fowler 20 January 2009

You have mastered the art of simplicity in a very few lines. Lovely. Warm regards, Sandra

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Linda Moore 13 December 2008

Wonderful poem and so simplistic, when warmth was on Great Love encompassed us all..........10+

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Reshma Ramesh 11 November 2008 did u think of is beautiful................

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Indira Babbellapati 08 November 2008

i know how frozen selves melt in the aura of masters...a great read, prof!

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Mamta Agarwal 19 October 2008

Mark, this is so insightful, concise.. amazing last two lines. today only i attended a five day retreat by a Zen monk, in his presence- the warmth was on.10 Mamta

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mark nwagwu

mark nwagwu

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