Your New Life Poem by Tex T Sarnie

Your New Life

Rating: 5.0

When your corporeal life comes to an end
a new life as a spirit you will spend.
Is the thought of this so hard to believe,
so difficult to imagine and conceive?

It doesn't seem possible that you can live after death,
without your beating heart and an intake of breath.
No need for sustenance, and feeling too hot or cold,
with no bills, mortgage, rent, debt, or feeling old.

Illness no longer exists, so no worries about health,
no work to be done, so no concerns about wealth.
Personal hygiene has finished, no toilet, or showers,
no aging, the years, months, weeks, days, or hours.

A spiritual form means there is no need for walking,
nor are there any vocal chords, hence no talking.
Clothes are not required when you are a free spirit,
and there's no need to push anything to the limit.

With no roads, cars, houses, belongings, or money,
a spiritual life does not seem arduous, or funny.
This way of life must be viewed as a kind of new birth,
where one learns to live again for all that it's worth.

None of our earthly needs or senses are ever required,
touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing have all expired.
No need to worry about committing sins anymore,
pride, envy, and all the rest have all gone for sure.

This new existence takes the form of a pure, spiritual force,
a force that is complete in its entirety of course.
The spiritual existence goes a lot further than the physical form,
it lasts forever and makes the impossible the norm.

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