Inner Demons 1 Poem by Tex T Sarnie

Inner Demons 1

Rating: 4.6

Inner Demons 1

As far as I can remember
I never experienced demons as a child.
I think they began at the age of puberty,
and ever since they've driven me wild.

As I grew older and became corrupted,
in my thoughts and in my deeds.
The demons have grown accordingly,
and will try anything to succeed.

Every minute of every day they fill my mind,
with uncertainty and hesitation,
which brings doubt to what seemed certain,
and confusion to my situation.

They make mountains out of mole-hills,
and revel in manipulating logic.
Creating reasons for unsound decisions,
which could result in being tragic.

I can understand the fragile and vulnerable
being driven down the schizophrenic road.
The continuous inner battles and torment
could make the soundest mind explode.

I suppose most demon hosts find a solution
to their loathsome uninvited guests.
Mine is listening to music and trying to relax,
whilst my willpower does the rest.

I've spent what seems a lifetime fighting demons,
and I still don't know why they're here.
But I do know they're not here to help me
and losing the battle is my biggest fear.

Nabakishore Dash 03 May 2022

Corruption in thoughts and deeds are demons in this world, not to help, but to hurt. Excellrnt poem poet Tex.

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The inner demons are much more powerful than the ones that try influencing you from outside. Let us always listen to them

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