Yue's (The Fool's) Self-Defence Guidelines: 愚子護身訣孔見 (4 Of 5) Poem by Frank Yue

Yue's (The Fool's) Self-Defence Guidelines: 愚子護身訣孔見 (4 Of 5)

This poem is the final chapter in the following:

1. A Winning Self-Defence Strategy(1 Of 5)
2. I'll Be Seeing You, "Mr Punchman", Come Shine Or Rain! (2 Of 5)
3. An Encounter With Merpati Putih on the "Oosterdam" (3 Of 5)
5.36 (5 Of 5)

- by Frank C Yue


The best defence is no offence -
Win without fighting if you can.
Failing that,
Don't be there!
Never find yourself in
Any dangerous scene.

Breathe normally, be still and calm;
Loosely hang shoulders and wrists down.
Direct Qi to two inches below your navel;
Your expressions and postures should be natural.
Take in assailant's whole image in your vision,
With all ears to sounds from all direction.

To shun hazardous situations, it's imperative -
Always be alert, prepared and non-combative.
Against hostility, assertiveness apportion,
Yet be quiet as a maiden before action.
Walk away from insults, douse any teething anger;
Don't be bewildered when suddenly facing danger!

Of your own strengths and your enemy's, be sure;
But move like lightning when fighting is assured.
Circles re-direct linear force;
Compliance controls violence.
Apply minimal force to match the mug;
Ne'er blindly pursue a desperate thug.

When shoved, just bend his little finger;
Leave the first strike to your attacker.
When your assailant chokes you with both arms -
Block strongly with up-and-down ripping palms,
SHUTO his collar-bone with speed,
While kicking into his knee!

When your assailant starts a punching attack -
Side-step, deflect and spear his neck.
Pull him in with left hand and push with your right;
While leaning forward with might
Apply rear-arm choke plus hand lock,
And a forward bow stance adopt.

When you're thrown, place palm inward on the ground,
Bend your elbow, roll along forward round;
Chuck in your chin during your mid-air flight,
Push under-foot, back-kick, turn round upright.
Never punch with locked elbow or just in jest;
Use the leg to block, but kick no higher than the chest.

Elbows for in-fighting, kicks for longest reach;
Smoothly flow into and through openings breach!
When assailant means to kill -
Be sharp, brave and intuitive.
On your side then rightly with Right -
Presume you were dead: fight for Life!

With body and footwork in accord:
Your shoulders and hips should all afford
Your hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet
For your will, Qi and power to meet.
Strike out at the same time you block -
Fight like lightning to beat the clock.

Be smooth, relaxed, accurate; on connecting
Your small finger, under-arm and fist tensing!
After impact, release tenseness: be supple;
Be fast, decisive, ruthless and forcible -
Never hold back when fully assaulting;
Use substantive and non-substantive footing.

Do employ many a feint -
Create openings and go in!
Attack persistently, each time a new target;
Relax limbs to strike but tense muscles on contact!
With each finishing strike, give out "KAI-AI" shout;
When enemy is down, don't stop the assault.

Vary tempos of attack -
The best plan: Run while you can!
Retrieve your legs and fists like lightning;
Turn your hips and shoulders while striking,
And focus your ALL at the punch -
Like a wheel, your waist should be spun!

Expense eighty percent strength in attack, the rest, defence.
Exhale through your mouth, inhale through your nose;
To withhold your breath, howe'er, is not right.
Your body extending or contracting:
Keep your back upright.
From enemy helper, stealth attacks you may attract -

Though you're injured, you MUST carry on the combat!
With perfect technique and might -
"Knock-Out! " with a single strike!
Strike each blow as though it were your very last!
Anticipate your adversary's every move; cast
Your eyes with soft vision round him and at his.

When strike-kicking, align your nose with foot and fist!
In kicking, supporting toes grip the ground;
In punching, the pairing fists come around.
Use own weight and centrifugal force to strike out;
Exhale into your TAN-TIAN and force a hit stout!
In fine timing and distancing,

With accuracy and no lapses,
And the four-finger spear-hand slicing
Through four inches, soft target collapses!
Move swiftly, lightly, flexibly and unpredictably -
Shifting in-coming force with ease and harmony.
Evade strikes, leap, deflect, intercept and pound

Agilely like lightning but without a sound.
Turn head round to check behind,
And protect your centre-line!
About turn with outstretched palm,
Ready to gouge the eyes and "Wham! "
Abruptly attack vital points in chain -

Rain or shine, you should yourself train, train, train.
Fighting at once many opponents visualize;
Sharpening your skills further you would realize!
Our natural weapons -the head,
Eyes, teeth, saliva, sound and spear-hand,
The fist, URAKEN, hammer-fist and palm, HAITO, SHUTO and fore-arm,

The elbow, knee, ball-of-foot,
The in-step, heel and sword-foot.
Like coiled-spring, the kicking leg thrusts fast forth,
Do balance well to avoid a fall.
Before you are swarmed, promptly crush the gang leader,
Soften up nearest fighter, throw him at another.

Apply flying kicks, hand thrusts and lunge punch -
Quickly retreat when it comes to the crunch!
To over-power an edged fray,
Avoid always the cutting blade!
Grab, straighten and break the knife-arm,
Flatten his nose and take him down.

Attacker yells with club wielding -
Rush in and twist the arm bending,
Block and grab weapon hand with cross-palm,
Elbow the head and spear under-arm.
Pull enemy in off the floor:
With foot on his stomach, backward fall -

Throw him over your head wide -
Changing techniques all the while!

-by Frank C Yue

氣定神閒 沉肩垂肘 氣沉丹田 形態自然
目視三塔 耳聽八方 當避險境 免戰慎警
斷言解難 靜如處子 受辱不慍 處變不昏

知己知彼 動若驚雷 以圓導方 以柔制剛
酌暴制宜 窮寇莫追 强推屈指 後發先至
雙爪封喉 上下標指 捶碎鎖骨 飛踢敵膝
冲拳刺喉 左拉右推 後砸敵頸 弓步墜後
前倒貼掌 下腭連胸 彎臂滾圓 後踢還原
拳毋鎖肘 踢不過胸 近肘遠腿 順勢入虛

敵志奪命 智勇無心 義正我身 置死後生
身步相符 手足肘膝 肩胯六合 意氣力洽
連消帶打 速戰速決 順鬆準緊 尾指脅堅

剛消柔現 快準狠勁 絕不容情 虛實分明
影上打下 開隙入空 連珠銳襲 柔發剛達
發聲驚怪 緩疾莫測 敵倒我踏 走為上策

腰如車軸 手足即回 胯轉肩順 聚焦一瞬
八二攻防 切忌忍氣 口吐鼻納 收張腰立
防援突擊 負傷奮戰 招妙癲毫 一式敵耗

招招如末 洞悉先機 柔注敵睛 三尖相應
腳趾抓地 雙掌拉鋸 離力體重 氣吐力送
時間敵距 恰到好處 拳入四吋 堅催肋斷

步輕靈穩 以両撥斤 閃躍交接 矯靜灑脫
驀然回首 嚴護中軸 手轉身隨 虛步欲踩
拳不離手 勤練套路 幻鬭群英 功夫運應

頭齒眼涎 聲拳背捶 身體武道 貫背手刀
橋肘膝腳 背底踝刀 腿如彈簧 巧防跌蕩
擦膝護陰 急踢即回 提膝脆蹴 目標變奏

空手奪刃 必避來鋒 抓拆直臂 撩陰塌鼻
敵衝棒喝 飛扭曲臂 十字反手 穿心貫喉
拉彼失重 屈膝後仰 撑敵過頂 招變莫停


Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: martial arts
Deluke Muwanigwa 20 October 2020

Master Frank Yue Hope you wont charge Yuan For my little expose I was never a member of any posse Jeet kune doo was my religion Your lesson takes me back to the region My poem " Dont stop" is about me When i used to martially free I read a lot of similarities in your teachings And philosophically my heart its reachings Please Master read my poem " Dont stop" and the ode to you

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Deluke Muwanigwa 20 October 2020

I feel you. Never look an opponent in the eyes.

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