Zelensky - Home Alone? Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Zelensky - Home Alone?

Everywhere is chaos and affliction in Ukraine,
as every time missiles keep falling, people keep dying;
every week is devastation and disorientation
as buildings and houses keep getting burnt due to explosions;
every month cities keep turning into debris and ghost towns
every fortnight soldiers keep losing lives or killing others as duty.

In every way the world keeps reinforcing its support to Ukraine,
still someway or other, the attacks keep escalating,
while streets keep taking the blows of war
like defeated wrestlers,
cities gets captured and conquered
by the enemy one after another.

Zelensky keeps shouting and asking for more help
from other nations,
no one knows how long this war will last,
no one want to face any repercussions,
so everyone keeps their feet away from interventions.

Every dawn the country called Ukraine wakes up with sadness,
watching a new edge of detriment they go to sleep
without any solace or self-assurance;
their dreams are filled visions of another city,
another apartment going crushing down,
so no hope, no expectations they hold in their brave hearts.

But the Ukrainians still keep their fingers crossed
and keep praying, anticipating the fire will die down,
yet the war keeps displaying its rage and fury unstoppably
making innocence and relief disappear into a vapor.

Why is this war still raging when leader and treaties
exist next to each other's conscience?
Why is there no cease-fire or has peace lost it's anchor?
When will families return back to their homes
and sleep in their own beds?
When will the children of Ukraine get back
to their schools of education?

When will Ukraine get back its lost harmony and unity?
how long will Zelensky keep pleading for support with the world?
Will Zelensky have to face the dark days of war all alone
or has the world forgotten the aspect of humanity?

Or what does the world want to tell Zelensky -
that the war is his own bag of problems and burden?
What do other nations want to tell Zelensky -
we will give you all the guns you need and
you keep shooting the enemy until the last person in Ukraine perishes?
How will a man face the most powerful army in the world all alone?
or does the world think that Zelensky is watching the movie called - Home Alone!

Zelensky - Home Alone?
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