The Magic Of A Full Moon Night Poem by Rajnish Manga

The Magic Of A Full Moon Night

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Have you seen the Full Moon tonight
When the sky was more than generous
It had started distributing goodies gratis
In the evening when the moon was rising
From behind the greenery of the park
It was bright and wet as shining liquid gold
I was drenched in the showers' fold
My heart and the soul rejoiced at the mold
I felt richer as my eyes glistened and doled.

At the stroke of 12 that ushered midnight
I came out of my study, saw skywards
And was mesmerized by the spectacle
Brought about by the time in the interim
Full moon was there right above my head
But the gold had now turned into silver
Coming down to earth through its beams
With its silvery hold on the dominion
The magic of a full moon night on display
Here, there and every where
In full measure.

The Magic Of A Full Moon Night
Friday, September 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: full moon,night
Kishore Kumar Das 25 August 2017

Earth is so beautiful...moon is a gem......stroll at midnight in the roof top......I bet you will feel the divine presence. My poem on moon was based on my real experience. My dear poet.....your words, feelings and passions about moon have brought so marvellous poetry....the change from gold to silver, very nicely reflected in your master pen....thank you for sharing this magnum opus...

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Rajnish Manga 25 August 2017

Thanks, Kishore ji, We human beings are fortunate to have a fascinating nature all around us. The charm of moon, and more so if it happens to be a full moon, seen at midnight is always breathtaking, We both have seen it and narrated the experience in our own words and style. So nice of you for having visited this page and for being so generous in appreciating the poem.

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Lamar Cole 07 June 2017

Very nice write about the magic of the moon.

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Rajnish Manga 07 June 2017

So nice of you to have visited and appreciated my work, Dear Lamar.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 14 June 2017

kindness Rajnish

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Dr Dillip K Swain 31 December 2021

The magic of a full moon night on display.....magnificent poetic expression! Through this wonderful poem, I wish you and your beloved family a happy and prosperous new year 2022.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 July 2021

An extra ordinary piece of poetry! Captivating expression! Poetry at its best! !

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Bharati Nayak 18 February 2021

The magic of a full moon night on display Here, there and every where In full measure.---A great poem !

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Chris Ryan 25 January 2021

Top poem. Magnificent!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 December 2020

This poem resonates with me. I usually observe the moon at the time it started to shine until it pours its greatest glory and if there is still time, until it turns to silver.It is magical. The many wonders of Nature. A beautiful poem very well expressed with compelling imagery. Top Marks..

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