Michael Shepherd Poetry Poems

! Love And Poetry; Poetry And Love

and right now, I’m spending most of my time
on the two matters of which I seem to know the least –
love; and poetry.

! Call That ****ing Poetry?

As one of the wrinkly-crumblies
-W.A.S.P. without the sting -
it puzzles me: in poetry,
does one good **** really deserve another?

! The Hallmark Of Poetry

Every day, the sun sets
you noticed?
in a great, glorious performance
of wraparound scenic splendour

! ' Sorry, But What You Write Isn'T Poetry...'

A deep breath; a sigh.. as if
you didn’t accuse yourself of this
every time you write a poem and
hoping to pretend it’s ‘ stretching

! ! After Poetry-Reading (With Apologies To Robert Frost)

My library door’s still open
with its invitations and its promises

and empty shelves waiting to be filled

! Monty Python Does Poetry Criticism

This poem is no more.
It has ceased to be.
It's expired and gone to meet its maker.
This is a late poem...

! 'Poetry Means...Uh...'

When I was very young,
was written by
AA Milne.

A Defense Of Bad Poetry

'Naff' comes back as 'cutting-edge'...
though dogs may have their day,

0184 Poetry's Triumph

When that strange stirring to a poem comes -
half-heard, half-formed, some seed deep in the mind -
the heart lights up, so eager to explore
the unknown path that listening may find:

In Praise Of Poetry...

Apologies, folks
for slipping this one in
under the guise of a poem
but isn't it great

! ! Gertrude Stein Is Interviewed On American Poetry

and there was the knocking on the door
that we were expecting
and it was the man
that we were expecting

0158 For Fjr; Here's To Poetry

This is the illicit still of poetry
half hidden in the dry ditch beyond the hedge
firewater drunk from an old tin mug
it takes the skin off your throat

! In The Spirit Of Rumi 53: Immersed In Poetry

Weary with the day,
it called to me

as if someone said, here…

! Has Music Gone From Poetry?

Has music gone from poetry?
Words and music, still agree?
Dance and rhythm, song and laughter,
Do they echo, now, hereafter..?

! Zeke Snirer, Poetry Critic

Zeke Snirer.
he’s young. ish.
he’s got something to offer the world:
he’s the best judge of poetry. ever.

0289 Bacchus, God Of Poetry And Wine

The famous Poet Laureate
of North Dakota State
has been suspended on full pay
just because one merry day

Thoughts On World Poetry

To coin a metaphor:

It's like a Protestant
wandering into a Catholic church

0193 American Poetry

Pithy, precise,
wry, wise,
flinty, real,

! Some Other Poet, Some Other Poetry

and yes, since we can all dream
some other life – but do not, cannot,
dream its divergences, its accidents,
its departures and arrivals,

0364 Poetry Reads; Poetry Speaks

It’s like an adult version of a parlour game, isn’t it?
a sorta cross between a single-handed game of patience
and a crossword puzzle where the guy who set the puzzle
is always a step at least ahead of you dammit

! The Poetry Student

is a philosopher
is a poet
looks with awe

0026 To Live In Poetry

So often, poets
with their poetic eyes,
ears, minds, hearts, souls,
record actions that

0005 The Poetry Reading

You’re two-thirds the way through.
The corners of their mouths are turning down.
Their eyes are filming over.
Their shoulders are stiffening.

0034 Poem With Which To Start A Poetry Reading

Ladies and Gentlemen,
this is my first poetry reading
and I’m very nervous
and nearly cancelled tonight

0012 Poetry Class

Two o’clock on a quiet afternoon,
and the class file in for their poetry ‘hour’,
brief daily slot in the packed week’s course in many things.

! ! Writing Poetry

To make of every poem
a challenge; face with joy an
honourable failure; blaze
with glorious sadness:

! To Denis, Tara, And The Muse Of Poetry

O Muse…

I have a serious question for you
but I can’t wait to put it into beautiful poetry.

0026 The Other Poetry

It could be tomorrow.
Or the day after.
The important thing will be
that you’ll know when it happens that

! A Quiet Word To Poetry Teachers

The poet means
what the poet said;
look for the 'meaning'
and the poem's dead.

On Modern Poetry

On the cover
of those old black hymnbooks
in those old dark churches
you can just about read

! ! Emily Dickinson Takes A Poetry Course

Dear Ms Dickinson: I’ve just received
your amusing little trifle,
'Faith is a fine invention'
as your first week's homework on this course..

0271 Texting Poetry (Hamlet's Soliloquy)

2B /, not

? ? ?

A Quiet Rap For Poetry Teachers

Words, they ‘mean’ – just, what they do;
and a poem means – just what it does;
if it doesn’t do a single thing for you –
that’s it, for now; let’s cut the fuzz…

! ! Has Music Gone From Poetry?

Has music gone from poetry?
Words and music, still agree?
Dance and rhythm, song and laughter,
Do they echo, now, hereafter..?

! ! The Algebra Of Poetry. For Jim As If.

OK you’ve written 2000 crap poems you say.
Now pack up this arithmetical stuff:

there’s an algebra to poetry:

! ! A Postmodern Explanation Of Poetry: For Mike Who Asked

The brain and spinal cord
contain a hundred billion neuron cells
backed up by many more glial cells..

Nude Erections In Contemporary Poetry

Is the whole of Canada
supporting itself by the export
of Viagra and such? And how
did they get my email address

! ! A Cummingsy Poemish In Praise Of A Poetry Seminar

many ways
on Sattwadays
in which to praise

! ! A Comment On Contemporary Poetry

Not a true poem, to former minds;
but a poem that remembers truth;

not a good poem, to former minds;

! ! Not Averse To Poetry..

Do you see life
through prose-coloured spectacles?

or has the squid of poetry

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 76 - Poetry

But is it an activity for
grown men and women?

A kind of stocktaking:

! Poetry As Bread - In The Spirit Of Rumi 28

Poetry is like bread – daily bread,
like ‘Irish’ soda bread, best eaten on its day:

In the bakery of the heart and mind,

0011 How Rilke Might Have Translated Bashó On Poetry

Be solitary.
Love solitude, and don’t look for poetry;
don’t seek what former poets sought;
see what is still and changeless;

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