In Praise Of Poetry... Poem by Michael Shepherd

In Praise Of Poetry...

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Apologies, folks
for slipping this one in
under the guise of a poem
but isn't it great
to open this site's window
and find 20 poems
by 20 poets
several for the first time
making a fantastically rich hour or two
just reading them
such as never could have happened
a few years ago
(three cheers for webmaster)

I know that some of us
write umpteen poems a day
but could you please
space them out, just one or two each day
so I can read them without hurrying?

Apologies again, and
consider this as really
a poem
in praise of poetry?

which it is.

John Tiong Chunghoo 20 March 2005

poetry/finding a piece of himself/in all lines he reads

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Herbert Nehrlich1 02 February 2005

Totally sober, I have here, in front of my bespectacled eyes, a book called 'How to be a Wine-Know' by Jennie Grubb (yes double b) . It is a terribly boring book, mostly because she doesn't seem to know her wines any better than I did at the time of the chemistry lab explosion. As far as the extra dropp this webmaster has a game going, (s) he adds a p at random, but usually at the word dropp (see, what happened?) Write a poem with the word dropp and you will see. A Wine-Nose in my neck of the woods is the capillary evidence of ethanol excess showing unmercifully in those whose stomach HCl production is sub-optimal. Incidentally, have you told Rich Hanson that you are as British as is humanely (alright humanly) possible? And what do you make of Lawrence welcoming you, it is a bit like Pope Leo the third being welcomed by Charlemagne in 800 (in Rome) .Or am I missing something? Well, droppp the subject. H

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Michael Shepherd 02 February 2005

It's a 'wine-nose' over here, Herbert. Maybe you took a dropp to many? An extra pee - but understandable in the circumstances. (Better a gladder gag than a bladder bag, Doctor...)

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Herbert Nehrlich1 02 February 2005

I second the notion. At the recommendation of our (British university town resident and P/H poet) Italian wine-know (an apparently acceptable but, to my ears, terrible term) , I sample a dropp or two (large drops) of Amarone or Valpolicello while sitting back and reading the new creations.Then, I search for kind comments directed at me, after lapping them up and duly noting the names behind this source of ego-building, I start to feel good. No bottled-up emotions on this island. Can one ask for more? So cheers to the webmaster and/or -mistress from me. We appreciate you more than you know from our poetry. H

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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