Kumarmani Mahakul Rain Poems

One Thousand Six Hundred Rain Drops

Emotion has allowed into motion,
Motion has put ink to link in pen,
Pen has dropped ink on piece of paper,
Mind has done art of words in beauty.

Freedom Rain Where

Where has my freedom gone?
You have caged me in cage
And you have offered butter,
Bread, cherry, tomato and many,

Rain Of Winter Midnight

This is exactly winter midnight,
It is heavily raining outside,
Inside we are feeling cold,
When morning will arrive

Seventeenth Rain Of November

This is November with little cold
Today is seventeenth day of love
Clouds have come to make us bath
With drops of rain to remove pain.

Rain Has Come With Dream

Beauty of clouds enter mind,
Life cherishes with expectation,
Entire sky is glad seeing them,
Rain has come, rain has come.

Rain From Summer To Winter

For painting the beauty itself,
Nature sends fog and breeze,
The drops of rain fall from cloud,
Thunder breaks the heart

Pleasure From Rain Drops

The cloud acts as the harbinger of rain
That plays at above blue sky.
Rain drops fall from black cloud
On dry apprehensive earth,

Summer Rain Summer

I am a comer new comer
You tell me tale summer.
Oh summer you tell me
Cheer in mind you see.

Oh Monsoon You Rain

Why are you having less rain?
This gives farmers sure pain
How crops will be grown tell?
Oh monsoon water drops bell.

Forest Of Rain Drops

Wow, so wonderful season comes
With rain long chain of drops
We see them sticking in leaves
Sugarcane leaves shake they fall.

Queen Of Rain (ବର୍ଷା ରାଣୀ Barsa Ranee)

ବର୍ଷା ରାଣୀ
ଅଛ କେଉଁଠାରେ କେଉଁ ନିଭୃତ କୋଣରେ
ଶୁଭୁନିକି ପୃଥିବୀ ଆବାସୀ ଜନତାଙ୍କ ରାବ?

Rain Of Smiles We See

We see from far in Western Hill
In lap of ocean the child plays
With new smile in East moon talks
Night comes in and day goes out.

One Thousand And Four Hundred Golden Rain Drops Of Grace

At each moment at each day at each night we hear story,
In each word in every line in each feeling we sing his glory.

Lorry of life moves in righteous highway by his nice grace,

Rain In Autumn At Night

Clear autumn night has worn dress,
Entire dark sky is full of cloud,
No monsoon but low pressure calls,
Hidden frogs have come out to sing.

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