Kumarmani Mahakul
Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA
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One Thousand Six Hundred Rain Drops

Rating: 5.0

Emotion has allowed into motion,
Motion has put ink to link in pen,
Pen has dropped ink on piece of paper,
Mind has done art of words in beauty.

Beautiful lines have wiped pain,
Giving fun and joy to readers,
Poems have motivated many in light,
Dignity is justified in communication.

Like cloud has dropped down water,
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: poems,rain,rain drops,thought
Alam Sayed 13 June 2018

A nice meditation in poetry. The poem is full of wisdom and beautiful imagery.

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Nudershada Cabanes 13 June 2018

A beautiful poem Sir Kumar. Poems like raindrops bring joy to the readers.10

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A one of a kind write. Very impressive. Spiritual, nature and poetry are embedded like gems in this marvelous piece of work. Thanks for sharing...10 +++and onto my Poem List.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 June 2018

Sir, you are a poet of different class! Your spiritual poems are timeless! I love your poetry and your a great poet and a gentile man! Your significant contribution to modern poetry and PH is unparalleled that is reflected very much here in this beautiful poem!

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Robert Murray Smith 13 June 2018

Great write. Reminds me of the song Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head.++10

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Heather W.B. 13 June 2020

Your venture of penning many beautiful and valuable poems wins hearts of many readers. You are a nice poet. Writing 1600 poems is not an easier task but you have created a new milestone on penning 1600th poem. I congratulate you. Each poem is considered as a rain drop. Lovely expression motivates me to read this poem.

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Chris Embrick 21 June 2018

Keep sending the rain. Somewhere a thirsty person is waiting for your uplifting words.

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Sekharan Pookkat 15 June 2018

we are waiting for One Thousand Six Hundred K rain drops from your pen sir, may god bless you to fill your thoughts drop down freely from your pen and let us dance in the pool of your enriched imaginary.

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Kostas Lagos 14 June 2018

You are a true artist! 10!

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Edward Kofi Louis 13 June 2018

Rain! ! From the sky. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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