Music, A Sweet Gift Poem by Rajesh Thankappan

Music, A Sweet Gift

Rating: 4.8

A soothing balm is good music
For it can provide succour even to the sick
It has in it rhythm and harmony
Sweetness that we experience in melody.
It is a rich and cultivated craft
And also a grand and graceful art.
It provides us genuine entertainment
Through various notes and compositions,
It can have a positive influence on our mood
And do us a world of good,
Music and dance are great companions
And with exercise too it makes a good union.

Yet we should not forget there is music in nature
In the rustling of leaves and in birds songs of all hue and colour,
Music is even conjured up by good health and happiness
And by many such gifts that we as our blessings count.

Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 03 March 2015

Music is really the enchantress of the soul, can calm life's ills even......Rajeshji.......very sweetly composed........10

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Kavya . 03 March 2015

yes certainly..Music heals all the pain and sufferings and does wonders in any environment.....provided its a soothing n calm one, unlike todays songs that goes off the head with loud banging

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 March 2015

Yes, yes, music is a soothing balm, wonderful sweetness it has that attracts mind. Beautiful poem written in nice way definitely. Wonderful.

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Mihaela Pirjol 31 May 2016

A very well-written poem on music, and its healing effects on human soul.

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Geetha Jayakumar 02 April 2015

A Beautiful poem. The whole nature sings and dance in music. It's a soothing balm to ones life. It's really the sweet gift we are blessed with, in fact whole universe is blessed with. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it.

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Hazel Durham 14 March 2015

Music does transport us to dream with a certainty that anything is possible and to grasp hope in our hands as music soars our hearts soars to a place that is a sanctuary! Beautiful write!

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Mihaela Pirjol 05 March 2015

Very true said. Music can heal our wounded souls; especially the Nature's music - if we are receptive enough to hear it. A lovely poem!

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Valsa George 04 March 2015

There is symphony in Nature and the entire universe! The soothing effect of music can never be overrated! It is balm to an aching heart and rejuvenation to all......! To what ethereal levels it can lift up our spirits! Enjoyed!

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