A Punctured Dream Poem by Rajesh Thankappan

A Punctured Dream

Rating: 5.0

Her home was housed upon the mountain high
Where the earth rose steeply to embrace the sky,
Where clouds and dreams in tandem roam
Mix and mingle unhindered in their celestial home.

I knew her almost from her birth
As a toddler when she took her first faltering steps,
She grew up into a child lively and bright
Charming, cheerful and full of delight.

Her parents were simple hill-folk
Yet they about their daughter with admiration spoke
For they too were well aware their child was a treasure
And from her glitter they drew happiness in no less measure.

Her parents moulded in their heart many colourful dreams
Poor hill-folks who themselves could not afford them by any means,
The promising girl was about to turn fourteen
She was an angel in her early teens.

But on her birthday she took ill
People said it was due to the unseasonal mountain chill,
Her body raved like a furnace hot
But with braveness she her ailment fought.

Sadly, on the third day she lost her fight
Bravely, peacefully, around mid-night that somber night -
Her loss we mountain folk with bitterness still mourn
Vagaries of life may sometimes pierce us like a thorn.

Monday, March 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Geetha Jayakumar 26 April 2014

Heartfelt poem touching indeed. Many times life may take twist and turns. Many dreams she may be having while her parents may be having also....its really a punctured dream..loved reading each lines...

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Valsa George 30 March 2014

Many a time life takes unexpected turns and we stay baffled unable to find why fate turns so cruel.... The story of this girl is so moving... She has been the apple of eye of her parents and dear to everyone of the hill folks.... But all dreams woven around her were shattered with her untimely death like a punctured balloon! The narration is so poignant and touching! A 10 Thank you Rajesh for your comment on my poem.. Eagle on Wings!

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Mallika Achuthan Menon 27 March 2014

Loved the poem a lot, dear poet!

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 24 March 2014

a sad story of our tribal girl, though we have the free medical facilities all around India with good brains taking care of the patients patriotically in our Government Hospitals, but the case like this still happens, which is the saddest situation..

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Mihaela Pirjol 08 June 2016

A sad story narrated beautifully in this well-rhymed poem, with a great flow and pace.

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Akhtar Jawad 12 January 2015

A heart touching, the story is so beautifully narrated that it shakes the hearts.................10

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 09 January 2015

The life of a little angel so poignantly narrated with apt diction really touches my heart a lot......Rajeshji.....amazing write.......10/10

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Anil Kumar Panda 24 December 2014

a sad story beautifully done.loved it.

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Leah Ayliffe 10 June 2014

This is absolutely beautiful, beautifully tragic. Lovely write.

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