Absences Poem by Rani Turton


Rating: 3.5

Silence. Long moments that stretch into years.
Restrained words, sometimes gaps where names should be.
Words, prayers, songs, imagination inflamed by memory.

Emptiness, loneliness, the world, the void.
Look behind, look ahead, look straight ahead.
The world is indifferent to your pain.
The world is indifferent to your sighs.
Nothing will ever be the same;
Nothing will ever matter again.
Will anything ever matter again?

Absences. Like a long lonely lane in an eastern land
With closed doors against the afternoon heat
Questions that taunt the tormented mind
All the answers that one had longed to find

There is a river that flows through the land
Its banks are full of plants and sand
Its soft murmurings are balm to the soul
I long to sit beside it and once again feel whole.

Onelia Avelar 10 June 2008

Rani, this is just wonderful! Your sellection of words is wonderful - it definitely goes to my favourites. I cannot quote one particular passage which i like more - it is perfect in its mass.

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Flora Gillingham 10 June 2008

This is just beautiful - a 'big' poem. Full of substance and covering so much ground. Lovely, Rani. Fx

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Sadiqullah Khan 10 June 2008

i like here the abrupt change in the last stanza of the poem, , , absences are most beautifully filled with such imagination..

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Vidi Writes 11 June 2008

These absences cause The evolution of new things In its natural ways. An artist can trap These absences into his trance In one such trance created is this poem. I liked the stance of absence in this poem. I don't want to call it sadness I call it a cause of great creativity. Very good theme and style of write. Thank you.

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Duncan Wyllie 11 June 2008

I enjoyed this one, especially the last few lines, Thankyou for sharing your art Rani Love duncan X

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These absences touch so secretly our presence.10.

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Ruth Walters 21 May 2009

I understand so much Rani. What a beautiful poem. Life has a way of stripping us of the things we find comfort in sometimes, doesn't it. Nobody goes through it unscathed. Big Hug for this one Ruthy

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Ashraful Musaddeq 12 September 2008

A nice poem on absences, well composed with nice imagery. My 10 added to it.

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Mamta Agarwal 24 August 2008

pain, agony, loneliness-we have to bear alone. it is at such times when the void becomes unbearable, we discover, we were chasing what was never there. then transformation occurs, and you connect to yourself and his all prevading Presence. a lovely, sad but honest poem 10+

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Chitra - 11 July 2008

excellent write, so much to ponder upon

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