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Ravi Kopra Poems

1961. Ars Poetica (Cocoons)by Dana Levin In Hindi/Urdu Translation -new- 3/28/2020
1962. Blackbird Etude By A. E. Stallings In Hindi/Urdu Translation -new- 3/29/2020
1963. अगर मेरे बस में होता, A Love Poem By Ajay Rajput From Jhansi, India In English Translation -new- 3/29/2020
1964. Jab Se Tum Aaeeo Ho -new- 3/29/2020
1965. Pablo Neruda In Sonnet Xvii In English And In Punjabi Translations -new- 3/30/2020
1966. Jigar Moradabadi: Ham Ne Siine Se Lagāyā Dil Na Apnā Ban Sakā In English Translation -new- 3/30/2020
1967. Luo Zhihai's Chinese Poem: 身姿曼妙明眸闪 In English Translation -new- 3/30/2020
1968. Hangover, A Japanese Poem Of Chūya Nakahara In Hindi/Urdu Translation -new- 3/31/2020
1969. A Brief Love Poem In Hindi/Urdu -new- 4/1/2020
1970. Spanish Poem 'mi Amor Descubre Objetos' By Isabel Fraire In Punjabi Translation -new- 4/1/2020
1971. Love Came, Two Poems -new- 4/1/2020
1972. The Sweet Love Poem Of Luo Zhihai Reinterpreted -new- 4/3/2020
1973. Cynthia Cruz: I Thought I Could Stop In Hindi/Urdu Translation -new- 4/3/2020
1974. A Punjabi Ghazal (In English) -new- 4/3/2020
1975. The Fear Of Love - Poem By Lora Colon In Hindi/Urdu Translation -new- 4/3/2020
1976. Satirical Analysis Of The Poem: I Am Dr. Dillip K Swain! - Poem By Dillip K Swain 1/28/2020
1977. Federico García Lorca: Little Ballad Of Three Rivers In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/27/2019
1978. Kah Rahā Hai Shor-E-Dariyā Se Samundar Kā Sukūt By Natiq Lakhnavi In English Translation 12/1/2019
1979. At Night, By Marriage: Lisa Ciccarello In Hindi/Urdu Translation 4/12/2019
1980. [what Horror To Awake At Night] By Lorine Niedecker In Hindi/Urdu Translation 9/2/2019
1981. Before Quiet (Marne K Waqt) By Hazel Hall In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/25/2019
1982. Come Fill The Cup By Omar Khayyam In Hindi/Urdu Translation 5/8/2019
1983. A Swdish Love Poem By Karin Boye In Hindi/Urdu Translation 1/14/2019
1984. If After I Die. Fernanado Pessoa In Hindi/Urdu Translation 12/19/2018
1985. Ah, Sunflower, A William Blake Poem In Hindi/Urdu Translation 6/12/2018
1986. Lemon Tree, A Spanish Poem By Jennifer Clement In English Translation 4/23/2018
1987. Shariah Law In A Secular Hindu Nation 4/16/2018
1988. No Tender Feelings Of Heart 4/12/2018
1989. Don't Bother The Earth Spirit, Rendering Of A Prose Poem By Joy Harjo 3/25/2018
1990. Peace Be Upon Me, A Ghazal In English 3/20/2018
1991. Beautiful, A Love Poem By Pablo Neruda In English Translation 1/2/2018
1992. The Hour Of Love, A Spanish Love Poem By Mariana Ortega In English Translation 12/27/2017
1993. Won't You? 12/15/2017
1994. Oceans, A Spanish Poem By Juan Ramon Jimenez In Urdu Translation 12/3/2017
1995. Honeymoon In Bordeaux. France, A Love Poem In Punjabi 11/24/2017
1996. Celebrate Our Diwali 10/19/2017
1997. Body Of A Woman, A Spanish Poem Of Pablo Neruda In Translation 11/13/2017
1998. Agar Angrezi Tumari Tooti-Footi Hai 11/14/2017
1999. A Peaceful Chair 11/9/2017
2000. I Cannot Wait 11/7/2017

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

An Ode To Chalk

easily powdered
you come in all colors
pink, orange, red, blue
yellow, indigo, all hues
I use white to write and prove
theorem of Pythagoras on
black boards for my students
kids use it to color their books
artists use it to draw nudes
in all shapes and sizes -
the pleasant plumps
with huge butts and boobs
and the skinny like bamboo shoots
all bare bones no flesh to hide
no boobs, no butts, no nothing
just pretty faces with smiles
all luster and lust, nothing else
but chalk, O dear chalk
all of them, you ...

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Three Kisses

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You were standing still with your eyes closed
when I cupped your beautiful face
suddenly your face turned red
you whole body shook and you said:

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