Ravi Kopra

Ravi Kopra Poems

2001. A Song For Myself 4/29/2018
2002. Humming Bird 7/19/2018
2003. Akhtar Jawad's Paki Nation Of Allah 7/5/2018
2004. I Am Hungry For Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Skin, Love Sonnet Xi Of Pablo Neruda In English Translation 6/6/2018
2005. And Talk Of Day's Events 6/24/2018
2006. In Praise Of God 12/30/2017
2007. Soft Soft Lingering Feelings Of Love 12/26/2017
2008. Music To My Ears 12/23/2017
2009. No Moon, No Stars, No Skies 1/6/2018
2010. Bitter Bitter Cold, Not Too Bitter To Be Playful 1/4/2018
2011. Kali, The Blackest Of All, Is My Name 1/2/2018
2012. Come, New Year And Bring Love With You! A Spanish Poem By Hermanos Quintero In English Translation 1/1/2018
2013. I Am Cool 12/24/2017
2014. Cloud 9, A Poem By Lyn Paul Translated Into A Urdu Ghazal 12/21/2017
2015. Grief, A Punjabi Poem In English Translation 12/17/2017
2016. When I Will Wake Up In The Morning 12/20/2017
2017. What Is Life, A Urdu Poem Of Ibrat Machlishahri In English Translation 12/18/2017
2018. Without You, A Punjabi Poem In English Translation 12/16/2017
2019. Poem Of Love By Turkish Poet Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan In English Translation 12/12/2017
2020. Instant Love 11/14/2017
2021. I Feel Like The Lightening Has Struck My Soul Today, A Urdu Ghazal Of Abdul Hamid Adam In English Translation 12/10/2017
2022. The Moon 12/16/2017
2023. Climacteric, A Spanish Love Poem By Dina Posada In English Translation 12/12/2017
2024. Simplicity, A Poem By Barry Middleton In Urdu/Hindi Translation 12/12/2017
2025. But You Are Not Here With Me, A Punjabi Poem Of Amrita Pritam In English Translation 12/6/2017
2026. He Got Lost On His Way, A Rajnish Manga Hindi Poem In English Translation 2/8/2018
2027. At The Airport Terminal 1/31/2018
2028. A Difficult Discourse 1/29/2018
2029. Pains Of Love 2/7/2018
2030. I Died 1/20/2018
2031. O Flaming Candle! 1/10/2018
2032. I Cannot Wait 11/7/2017
2033. My Bed Is Near The Window 11/2/2017
2034. Red Pretty Chappals - A Poems Inspired By Kumarmani Mahakul's Poem: Red Pretty Slippers 10/26/2017
2035. A Donkey Poem, Inspired By I Am What I Am, You Are What You Are Poem Of Gnrao Rao 11/2/2017
2036. Man Meets Man, A Urdu Ghazal Of Jigar Moradabadi In Translation 10/24/2017
2037. She Was My Rose, My Flower 10/30/2017
2038. Translation - Lord Krishna And Arjuna In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 10/12/2017
2039. Translation Of Pablo Neruda's Love Poem 1 - Body Of A Woman 10/13/2017
2040. Every Night I Have My Sweetheart 10/11/2017

Comments about Ravi Kopra

  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (9/21/2019 1:39:00 PM)

    Ravi is a great poet and a translator. He is well versed in many languages and is an admirer of good poetry. But he has one small weakness. For some unknown reason, he hates or just dislikes Muslims in India or other parts of the world. May God (of his choice) Bless Him. I wish him all the best in his literary pursuits.

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Best Poem of Ravi Kopra

Three Kisses

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You were standing still with your eyes closed
when I cupped your beautiful face
suddenly your face turned red
you whole body shook and you said:

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking me
never have I ever felt like this before
I feel my life is beginning...

The fragrance of those scents is still with me
I am not washing myself, nor taking a shower
I want to sleep with your scents tonight
to have you all ...

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Venice Beach

Why has the whole of love come to me suddenly.
I see you with me on the Venice beach
walking hand in hand in the evening
watching the sun go beyond the horizon.
We see a plump lady in a blue bikini.
I too have curves you turn your face and say
Stop looking at her
I am with you
Look at me!

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