Ray Subrata Ray

Rookie (27.01.1959 / Nator Bengladesh)

Ray Subrata Ray Poems

1. A Lady To A Scientist. 1/16/2011
2. Can We Fall In Love? 1/16/2011
3. Coffin Ride Of India’s Ex Cricket Captain. 1/16/2011
4. Darling Sorrow Nectar 1/16/2011
5. How I Proved Myself A Thief To My Lady, 1/16/2011
6. In Love The Outlawed Heart Has Ever Ridden. 1/16/2011
7. It Is Not An Easy Thing, 1/16/2011
8. Love In All The Installed Soul. 1/16/2011
9. Lovers Are Foil To Each Other. 1/16/2011
10. New Year’s Invocations To The Face Book Friends. 1/16/2011
11. Love’s Honey 1/16/2011
12. Your Love Is Virtue 1/16/2011
13. Realization Of The Self. 1/16/2011
14. So Then You Are My Friend, 1/16/2011
15. Love Is Earned, Sorrow Is Gone 1/16/2011
16. Sorrow 1/16/2011
17. Some Of The Best Of Our Choices. 1/16/2011
18. Ruins Amidst The Green, -To My Loving Sister Daisy Careon 1/16/2011
19. Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go 1/16/2011
20. Poetic Trauma. 1/16/2011
21. Vivekananda And His Voice To The Mankind, 1/16/2011
22. O Dearest, -My Ocean Tossed Empress. 1/16/2011
23. My Agenda, -We Are Sisters And Brothers. 1/16/2011
24. Let 2011, Be Beauty Divine 1/16/2011
25. Is There Any Madness? 1/16/2011
26. A Poet Is Inconsistent For His Darling(Poetry) 1/16/2011
27. A Call To Share The Coveted Paradise. 1/16/2011
28. A Damsel Divine 1/16/2011
29. Love As The Doctrine Of Karma Yoga 1/16/2011
30. Love Is In Occult’s Hand. 1/16/2011
31. Shakespeare To Me 1/16/2011
32. The Dehumanized Picture Of 21st Century 1/16/2011
33. The Unforgettable She 1/16/2011
34. What Is My Relation By Ray Subrata 1/16/2011
35. But Why? 1/16/2011
36. The Twenty First Century’s Politics And Power 1/16/2011
37. Nirvana 1/16/2011
38. Shelter By Subrata Ray 1/16/2011
39. What A Woman Is! 1/16/2011
40. My Darling. 1/16/2011
Best Poem of Ray Subrata Ray

Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go By Ray Subrata

In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
Love in any form is romance,
It is either an intoxication or trance.
When romance says you good bye,
…Love from your life by itself flies..

When I write a poem, -I cry,
I had tried, I failed, I try.
You beauty your hello lips,
Mellow voice, willowing-cave,
Youthful shape, flash in my tape,

When I paint, -the Eye –romance,
The eternity peeps, and dances,
I say, simply, it is a romance.

Shakespeare for the Dark Lady,
Turned romantic and ...

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Darling Sorrow Nectar

Hallo Darling Sorrow,
My poverty's mistress,
The semen of my stored manliness,
With you my life's wick finds grace.

You are my no where’s Mistress,
The burning hearth of my happiness.
The Fate that turns me shelter less,
A staggering haggard that never begs.

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