Ray Subrata Ray

Rookie (27.01.1959 / Nator Bengladesh)

Ray Subrata Ray Poems

1. A Lady To A Scientist. 1/16/2011
2. Can We Fall In Love? 1/16/2011
3. Coffin Ride Of India’s Ex Cricket Captain. 1/16/2011
4. Darling Sorrow Nectar 1/16/2011
5. How I Proved Myself A Thief To My Lady, 1/16/2011
6. In Love The Outlawed Heart Has Ever Ridden. 1/16/2011
7. It Is Not An Easy Thing, 1/16/2011
8. Love In All The Installed Soul. 1/16/2011
9. Lovers Are Foil To Each Other. 1/16/2011
10. New Year’s Invocations To The Face Book Friends. 1/16/2011
11. Love’s Honey 1/16/2011
12. Your Love Is Virtue 1/16/2011
13. Realization Of The Self. 1/16/2011
14. So Then You Are My Friend, 1/16/2011
15. Love Is Earned, Sorrow Is Gone 1/16/2011
16. Sorrow 1/16/2011
17. Some Of The Best Of Our Choices. 1/16/2011
18. Ruins Amidst The Green, -To My Loving Sister Daisy Careon 1/16/2011
19. Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go 1/16/2011
20. Poetic Trauma. 1/16/2011
21. Vivekananda And His Voice To The Mankind, 1/16/2011
22. O Dearest, -My Ocean Tossed Empress. 1/16/2011
23. My Agenda, -We Are Sisters And Brothers. 1/16/2011
24. Let 2011, Be Beauty Divine 1/16/2011
25. Is There Any Madness? 1/16/2011
26. A Poet Is Inconsistent For His Darling(Poetry) 1/16/2011
27. A Call To Share The Coveted Paradise. 1/16/2011
28. A Damsel Divine 1/16/2011
29. Love As The Doctrine Of Karma Yoga 1/16/2011
30. Love Is In Occult’s Hand. 1/16/2011
31. Shakespeare To Me 1/16/2011
32. The Dehumanized Picture Of 21st Century 1/16/2011
33. The Unforgettable She 1/16/2011
34. What Is My Relation By Ray Subrata 1/16/2011
35. But Why? 1/16/2011
36. The Twenty First Century’s Politics And Power 1/16/2011
37. Nirvana 1/16/2011
38. Shelter By Subrata Ray 1/16/2011
39. What A Woman Is! 1/16/2011
40. My Darling. 1/16/2011
Best Poem of Ray Subrata Ray

Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go By Ray Subrata

In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
Love in any form is romance,
It is either an intoxication or trance.
When romance says you good bye,
…Love from your life by itself flies..

When I write a poem, -I cry,
I had tried, I failed, I try.
You beauty your hello lips,
Mellow voice, willowing-cave,
Youthful shape, flash in my tape,

When I paint, -the Eye –romance,
The eternity peeps, and dances,
I say, simply, it is a romance.

Shakespeare for the Dark Lady,
Turned romantic and ...

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I Am Fallen,

I am fallen,
My body is sullen,
Said the woman I met,
Her green hue,
Dark eyed view,
In my concern steps and sets.

Said I, -“Where from did you? ”,
I impressed if she knew,

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