Rekha Mandagere

Rekha Mandagere Poems

1. I Am 12/16/2014
2. Foul Play Of The Rich 1/15/2015
3. Optimism! 12/26/2014
4. Where Stands Justice? 5/10/2015
5. Save Earth 5/12/2015
6. Beauty Of Nature 5/24/2015
7. She 5/24/2015
8. Beyond Joy And Sorrow 5/31/2015
9. My Eternal Friend 6/14/2015
10. I Wish For A Change 6/18/2015
11. How I Should Be 7/1/2015
12. Balancing Determinant 7/2/2015
13. Remain Untouched By The Vices 3/10/2016
14. Theft And Agony 4/28/2016
15. The Crown Of Creation 8/28/2017
16. Peaceful Co-Existance 8/29/2017
17. Unity Is Strength 8/29/2017
18. Faith 1/5/2015
19. Honour My Feelings! 12/26/2014
20. The Great Valley Of Utah 1/30/2015
21. Daily Trifles Cause Insomnia 3/24/2015
22. This Day Is Mine 1/8/2015
23. Starslight 11/1/2013
24. Who's Truly Dark 8/29/2017
25. Humility Is Strength 11/30/2017
26. On Shakespeare 8/28/2017
27. This World Is So Funny 9/13/2013
28. The Act Of Being Human 2/12/2015
29. I Must Go 11/22/2013
30. July Thirteenth 7/12/2012
31. Ignorance 8/7/2014
32. Life Is Sweeter 9/18/2013
33. Fight The Disease Not The Diseased 9/30/2013
34. Does It Open? 9/14/2013
35. A Thoughtless Action 3/24/2015
36. A Great Relief From Insomnia 3/24/2015
37. My Destination 5/22/2012
38. The Five Jewels 4/30/2012
39. Eradicate Superstition 2/12/2015
40. Burn The Evil! 5/22/2012

Comments about Rekha Mandagere

  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (7/23/2012 11:42:00 PM)

    In 2001, just on night, when monumental statues of standing Buddhas was dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, i composed my memorable poem, the hymn of mercy. one of my office colleague read my poems and commented that after Geetanjali, he was reading my poem only. Surprisingly, I got the same comment from Rekha ji, which i did never expect. she is always inspiring to me. Her vision is too broad in all spheres of life. She is definitely a good mother too.. I wish all the best for her peaceful life.

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  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (7/13/2012 5:33:00 AM)

    A distant star

    She stands beside when the silence invites
    Playing words from the deepest in heart
    With love, her whispers sending spirit fuel
    Brightening souls, back to nature
    She will keep it pure
    Much more, she endures
    Miles to reach everyone
    as far from the radiance by moon
    But love cross any boundaries as it is a light
    Transmission of waves reach over the distance
    Knock hearts' door and mine was opened
    As she bring special poetry written
    for all, for souls to understand
    Unlock her thought for perseverance
    Eternal safe in the garden
    Where love and serene stay
    In the world's heaven
    Stand she always stand
    Guard presence with honest hands
    Love and peace she wished for us
    and free fuel spirit
    Even in a silence
    Rekha will always stand

    Writing a few verses for my favorite fella, family and as an inspiration
    No specific theme, but i just let my soul fly over to tell how great you for me
    asking me to study and doing well in the life, with your beautiful family,
    children and husband also care me much, but now here i present you something
    a words arrangement from my heart to thank each of you there. I feel so great
    to have great moment with you when we done a poem Boadicea be happy
    and always never stop inspiring us so keep writing :)
    (Unwritten Soul, written on July 13th)

  • Gary Manning (7/25/2011 11:19:00 PM)

    I like your poems cuz I feel like they come from a special place in ya hart. I never cared for pep who wright from the perspective of just getting a good rateing. Like you I wright truth. And from the soul...

  • Abhay Vignesh L Abhay Vignesh L (3/7/2011 3:05:00 AM)

    You definitely have an aptitude for poetry as this poem shows. Keep writing. A pleasure to read such poems.

  • Kimberly Patterson (2/8/2011 1:34:00 AM)

    Very powerful, liked this one a lot! ! !

Best Poem of Rekha Mandagere

Love Departed

Freshness of love made me lively
To give up the life of solitude boldly
Year after year we loved happily
Hand in hand ever walked closely

Shockingly arose a whirlpool of strangers
Who wished to measure the worth of lovers.
I spiritedly climbed the hill in a second
And swam with the tides to far beyond

They uttered in chorus Great! Great!
But the final test to win was already set
Plucking away my root was only their trial
Implanting New Belief was their word final

Hearing that terrific crime I was taken aback
Inner voice cautioned me never ...

Read the full of Love Departed

Wonders Of The World

The seven wonders dropped from the heaven
Are all spread across the bed of land and ocean
Perplexes the integrity of wise men to approach
Great soldiers are ever ready to make their bold march
Men like Newton always try to balance gravity in their search
The great philosophers are always busy glorifying the truth-immortality
Human poet Shelly eagerly blows his west wind across its viscinity
However, the pursuit of a poor classroom teacher is only to preach
But I have an intense desire t

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