Robert Christopher Spinelli

Rookie (9/30/80 / Staten Island, New York)

Robert Christopher Spinelli Poems

1. The Big Fade... 5/26/2009
2. The Last Words Ever Spoken 5/26/2009
3. The Omnipresent You 5/26/2009
4. Rough Times & The Rebirth 5/26/2009
5. Giving Thanks 5/26/2009
6. The Comfort Zone 5/26/2009
7. Slipping Away 5/26/2009
8. Test 5/26/2009
9. Random Blankness 5/26/2009
10. One Real True Design 5/26/2009
11. Organized Yet Chaotic 5/26/2009
12. Words To The Star 5/26/2009
13. Miles Away 5/26/2009
14. I'Ve Dropped Off The Map 5/26/2009
15. Quick 5/26/2009
16. Alone In The Dark 5/26/2009
17. The Insifgnificant Things That Destroy Us 5/26/2009
18. Tangible Love 5/26/2009
19. The Deep 5/26/2009
20. Short Point 5/26/2009
21. Deep Thoughts Of Adaptation 5/26/2009
22. Random Blank Thoughts Dance Together.. 5/26/2009
Best Poem of Robert Christopher Spinelli

The Last Words Ever Spoken

I need to wake up
This is going too far
my life is a car
and the door is ajar
going 200 miles an hour
and slowly gaining power
like the last words ever spoken
in a poetic form and left as a token
a reminder of a broken age
gushing blood with the wars we wage
if the world’s a stage
then we’re off in a flash
thrashed around
and thrown in the trash
no longer a person
but a ghostly vapor
pretend to be saved
keep well behaved
enslaved by paper
just when I thought
that I could see the light
it became so bright
that I lost my ...

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Giving Thanks

Life is a wondrous fucked up journey in which we must jump hurdle after hurdle, avoid roadblocks and open ourselves up to those who matter along the way.
We must find love and hold on to it for as long as possible, be strong and never back down to a challenge, and help all the people we can as we go.
I am with loved ones this Thanksgiving and it makes me happy to sit back and relax. In my post thanksgiving feast, I sit passing out and flash back to the past 5 years of my life.
I've done al

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