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The names Roger and writing is in my blood… I can remember that one of my uncle's worked in the newspaper industry, combined with my mother's love of reading, a habit which I have also, equals my love of writing and research.

I have always loved reading poetry, which started from a young age. I can remember as a youngster sitting in my parents g ...

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The Best Poem Of Roger Hayes

Temptation... A Dangerous Game

Mark's time had come
when the gun went off,
and that burning feeling
spread through his body.

Evelyn his wife
stood over him,
with a smoking pistol
in her right hand.

She kneeled down beside him
you gave me no choice,
I couldn't let you divorce me
and replace me with your mistress.

Moments later a stunned Mark
was pushed into buildings foundation,
followed by tons of cement
falling down upon him.

Temptation had been his downfall
and paid for it, with his life…

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