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Wild pretty flowers around, small ones in pink and yellow
easily ripping and fading in the summer heat. Even the pool

boils like hot spring. And big ants eating mangoes and avocadoes.

A day of wonder waits
Be God, my light dictate
Come Lord, to me your aid
Do brush, my fear, you bade


Love so sweet of Sacred Heart
Opens paths to secret lights
Vain fright thoughts of gray
Eternal true light burns away.

Once we made love
and again, a concession of love
my homage to Love.

December! Happy days of waiting here!
For You, to us, come after toil and grief
Christmas lights and stars adorned colored wreaths
December joy, grace brushed, in eyes of tears.

To God be all glory in all the earth!

To God be all thanks for our birth!

You live in this, and dwell in my eyes all times of December

We’d feast in the smoking patio with carols and lanterns of gold

I make prayers, Lord

I make poems, too

i pity your indecency

with your off-shoulder blouse

The quick rain washed a spotted pavement on the block of garrulous tongues. The pressure from the clouds was intense and fiery. It was a storm in one minute wrecking an obnoxious assembly of thieves.

You, at the center, appease my fright

A kid's heart, at that

You claimed your duty when I asked for your

promise. A maze runner in the nameless wild,

Sheets, layers of shelter
Cradling babies, cuddling in sleep
Nap sack for a journey
Mantle for atoms

Thank you dear Jesus for today

Thank you dear God that You stay

Hold on to me
In the relics that align us together
The dead rise with us
Stars float in the water

I need you to look at me
after the mirrors cracked

Groom me how


kagayaku tsuchi,
watashi wa kisu wo shi

Days of wrath, I have seen, now over me
Gone loathsome rains of weeping, after dawn

Should I fall, in praise I’d rise like kids - found

Losing grip of love affair, I hold thin folds of time like tongues of cookie layers on the shores of white sand and white sugar in the tub.

I have come to you today because my grieving has not been over.

I remember the dead, those hurt in my land, the ruins of my country.

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Rosalinda Flores RoseVoc is a freelance writer and a teacher. This is her third account on Poem She has written the “Stations of the Cross” in poemprayer. In God’s mercy and grace, the poet (Rose Vocations) has written the 150 Psalms (in first drafts) as poem prayers in a short span of time, while experimenting with various writing genre's and poems (structured/free verse) , linking the past to today's life and culture. Since 2009, she has been a member of the “I Share Community” (of the World Wide Web) , to the present.)

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In The Summer

Wild pretty flowers around, small ones in pink and yellow
easily ripping and fading in the summer heat. Even the pool

boils like hot spring. And big ants eating mangoes and avocadoes.
All, happy tanning their skin and riding a boat. Splash! Splash!

A lush of greens in the forest cooling drowsed mouths, sips thirsty
throat! Colored swim suit, sandals and glow- in the dark nails trot

the beaches, and oh boy, they are beautiful! In the summer, everyone
is away leaving the house. The house becomes vast, except for cool

babies like angels. The babies make noise and speak in fairy tales, we have lessons. At home, clouds of dust gather, up tables and cupboards

and altars, disturbing the silenced sun. They let the frogs croak
“Clean up, clean up in the summer! ” On a Thursday,

one dream comes true. You know I love the rain, and on a Thursday,
along Liverpool, it rains. First only drizzle, then big rain drops

then rain showers, then a lot of water from the sky like
God taking a bath in the summer? I am walking and I am

very, very wet around 7 PM. No soul around, except running cars
accompany, I - wet from the rain, back home, my garments

dripping small bubbles in the summer. “Dear God!
It is funny! Is that the concept of getting wet in the summer? ”

My dream becomes real. It is funny. LOL!

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Seize me not to think, but only love you.

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