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I was walking alone
and the day was rainy.
In my imagination
You were with me.


Looking at the beautiful sunrise
The flying blue birds in the reddish sky
At sunset


When I was alone
In the misty light
I walked for long
In the moonlit night


Love is a feeling between
You and me.
That never end
At the ages of eternity.

If I could be the Sunrise
I could smile, when you rise.
If I could be the rainbow,
With my all colours I could say you 'Hello! '

I and myself
Myself and me
As if the reflection
As what he wants to see.

I have a little friend
Who is lovable and
with proper sense.

I walked miles after miles
To get you.
I talked to each and every people
To search you.

O Love! Come....
Ruma Chaudhuri

As a new, fresh light,
As gleeful and as bright.
If I could be the sunrise.

Hi, I searched you...

Dear father,
How is my mother, how are you?

Your letter came like a sweet rain

Oh cloud, How long would you carry
messages, for those unloved pair?
Your fiancé is waiting for your love
And she is too angry like fire.

At the end of the summer
Rain came as a girl
In the lap of mother Earth
As drops of pearls.

It was a dark sky of late evening
The loving eyes are not so bright
A fading tune is so melancholic
Is the sky mourning at night?

I have seen the Saint
Whose vision is far reaching
To the Eternity
For the grace of life

Let's run
Even through the lane
For the dream
And live again.

When HE dances in an extreme rhythm
Life and death are two beats of his Hymn.
He pronounced that rumbling OM
Life and death assimilated in that salvation.

Some where there is a rainbow
Some where there is a sunshine
Some where there is some one
Some day the world would be mine.

I may be lost in the Deadly Desert
Unless, you hold my hand from
the core of your heart.

The Best Poem Of Ruma Chaudhuri

Rain Again

I was walking alone
and the day was rainy.
In my imagination
You were with me.

I lost the place of
my walking destination.
Both of us were walking in the rain
in my imagination.

I became alone when
the Sun shined again.
Like a tempest in my heart
tears came like a rain.

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Khairul Ahsan 24 July 2014

Ruma Chaudhuri writes poems with a deep insight. She is a poetess who hears the usually unheard sounds of silence, waits in the dark to see the birth of a sunrise, Dawn, sunrise, rays of hope, wandering clouds, waves of a sea, beauty, Truth, God, downtrodden people, etc are some of the subjects around which her thoughts spin about. Her poems usually carry a message.

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Madan M 15 July 2014

a poetess with a golden pen

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Akhtar Jawad 01 May 2014

Ruma, my daughter is a good poetess, some times it appears to me as if she is my real daughter. She is a poetess of divine love.

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Ruma Chaudhuri Quotes

'A golden ray from the horizon Comes to break the dark of the dawn That would instill the eternal bliss With the light of sparkling sunrise. ' - Ruma Chaudhuri

'It's a misty magical light When black turns to white. Clouds melt with golden light As, HE is coming from Paradise. ' ~Ruma Chaudhuri

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Ruma Chaudhuri Popularity

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