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SAK Reddy Poems

1. Songs Of Wind..! 12/10/2014
2. Being Human.Being Alive. 12/14/2014
3. I Love You..! 12/21/2014
4. Of Nature.Of Free Will. 12/21/2014
5. Nightmare 12/27/2014
6. Fountain Of Youth..! 12/30/2014
7. Girl I Loved. 1/2/2015
8. Procrastination 1/4/2015
9. A Lie That We Hold On To..... 1/6/2015
10. Misty Gloomy Nights 1/7/2015
11. Learning Language Of My Heart 1/12/2015
12. An Abstract Poem 1/12/2015
13. My Trueself 1/13/2015
14. Listen Oo Intellectuals 1/14/2015
15. Good Times Ahead...! 2/14/2015
16. The Present 4/18/2015
17. A Smile.. 4/22/2015
18. Strength Within..! 5/8/2015
19. Nemo Outis 5/30/2015
20. May Be I Am Far Too Far, But....! 8/5/2015
21. Isle Of A Stoic 1/5/2016
22. Fears Breeding In Me 11/2/2016
23. Glued To Chair 11/3/2016
24. On A Lonely Shore 3/29/2015
25. The Fleeting Dream Of Light 4/8/2015
26. King Of Hell 3/1/2018
27. Define Love? 1/8/2015
28. The Shadows Of The Dead. 1/27/2015
29. Dream 1/5/2015
30. My Prayer To God 12/30/2014
31. Let Fire The Smoldering Soul 1/6/2015
32. Love Yourself. 2/22/2015
33. The Hell 2/22/2015
34. A Lonely King 2/5/2015
35. My Love! Let's Run Away From Light. 1/27/2015
36. Emotions In My Stillest Hour 2/14/2015
37. A Caged Bird 1/27/2015
38. My Conscience 1/4/2015
39. My Valentine Poem 2/14/2015
40. A Fool. 2/5/2015

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City I Live In..!

I am far away from Sea,
I am far away from Truth,
I am far away from GOd.

I am in a city where
the Truth is at the bottom of abyss.

I am in a city where
people live in the light of darkness.

I live in the city where
ignorance rules the empire of chaos.

I live in the city where
thoughts and actions of people are corrupt.

I live in the city where
the wind whisphers the songs of evil.

I live in the city where
Wisdom is forbidden, Truth is exiled, Humanity is burried.!

How could one find peace in such a City abandoned by ...

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Songs Of Wind..!

Running streams of wind, blowing away my hair,
whispering through my ears so loud
and so quiet the secrets of Nature,
in a language I couldn't understand
but only my heart could decipher.

It filled my lungs as though I was open.
Opened me inside out and I was filled with
Sadness, Happiness and loneliness.

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