Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan Poems

1. The Guard 12/5/2008
2. The Bee, The Cat And The Dog 12/5/2008
3. The Debate 12/23/2008
4. The Absolute World 12/24/2008
5. The Lost Poem 1/29/2009
6. Right Way 2/22/2009
7. Step Out 4/5/2009
8. The Path 4/21/2009
9. The Price They Pay 4/30/2009
10. Aandha Melliya Eesai [tamil] 5/5/2009
11. Nilavin Mugam Ennul[tamil' 5/25/2009
12. The Closest Human 5/28/2009
13. # A Life Between Them - Marraige 8/9/2009
14. # A Request 8/18/2009
15. # A Flower Dies - Senryu 8/21/2009
16. Negative 9/19/2009
17. Secret 9/19/2009
18. Fate 10/4/2009
19. A Senryu Comment On Sathya Narayana's 'A Dictionary' 10/31/2009
20. # # On Paa 12/17/2009
21. A Live Person 12/29/2009
22. Death Of Wood -3 Liner 1/4/2010
23. Entrapped 1/7/2010
24. Am A Cursed Person 1/15/2010
25. A Buy Is An Expression 1/15/2010
26. # # As A Man I Contrast 2/27/2010
27. # Not A Women 3/14/2010
28. A Suicide Path Of Ph 3/19/2010
29. Haunted Me 3/20/2010
30. Freedom To Vote 8/14/2010
31. To Arshiya Mukund 5/5/2014
32. Who Is The Mother - Senryu 10/5/2016
33. Desire 10/21/2016
34. Wishing Happiness [tanka] 10/22/2016
35. A War 10/29/2016
36. Truth 10/29/2016
37. A Tribute To Jallikattu Protest - Tanka 1/22/2017
38. Jallikattu - Tanka 1/22/2017
39. The Difference -Tanka 7/2/2017
40. An Intro By You To You 8/25/2016

Comments about Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

  • Prabir Gayen Prabir Gayen (12/14/2018 12:11:00 AM)

    Very natural poet of high watermark...

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  • Vandavasu Vittal (3/6/2010 12:16:00 AM)

    Mr.Samanyan lakshminarayanan is one of the noblest poets in Your verses are stores of elegance and glorify the opulence in life's moments. Your pen's fluency is most admirable. I am most honored to have met you sir. A few lines to really express my ponder after reading your poems

    And forever it's etched
    In the heart of the beholder
    With wonder it's stitched
    It hovers to move every shoulder

    One moves his shoulders in awe at your poetry sir. Really amazing talent sir.

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  • Anusha Subramanian (10/7/2009 7:46:00 AM)

    The real poet I admire.. As the mind thinks, the hand writes.. and there comes the Best Poem anybody could think of in that topic.. Beautiful themes.. wonderful verses.. The Best Poems..

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  • Www. (9/23/2009 7:11:00 AM)

    Dear Mr Samanyan Lakshminarayan,
    You are a poet with right mettle.. keep your pen wet and subjects vibrant... All the best friend.

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (8/11/2009 4:55:00 AM)

    meaningful verses and thought provoking, i like your poems.

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  • Catrina Heart (8/10/2009 11:11:00 AM)

    Samanyan Lakshminarayanan a great modern poet who writes poems in all angles and pace. Have a sit and read all the crafts shared...each is a worth reading piece.

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Best Poem of Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# A Baby's Chat [ In Top 500]

a baby's chat goes on and on
it does not stop it with it's mom
a dog in the street
a leaf or a flower
a chirruping bird
an ant or a butterfly
the moon in the sky
a baby's chat goes on and on

with everything under the sun

may be the moon winks back
the dog we see surely wags back
leafs flowers birds too may speak back
a language of theirs the baby has
all of us did speak it once
a text or scripture of it we have none
a unique one it is each one's
a baby's chat goes on and on

with everything under the sun

the mother deciphers ...

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A Good Line

A good line in a poem
is not there when-
I start with a poem.
A good line in a poem-
would be born-
to its previous line-
just when i write it down.

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