# # A Listener In Us Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# # A Listener In Us

Rating: 4.2

Our body may not be
what we think it to be
it could be much more in a sense
it could be a listener to world's resonance

when we saw a swelled up sea
when its hungry tongue swirled up as tsunami
no stray animal fell a pray to the sea
none were there in the vicinity of the sea

in a deer sanctuary in south india
the deers which used to dwell near the sea
the night before tsunami they climbed a hill top
stood there to see the sea swell up

when the sea was summoned by man to chide
'so many families shattered by you
so many homeless and motherless made by you
the crying relations sorrow would burrow you

'a rift.... i had within me' went on the sea
'a shifting adjustment i had to make within me
made me stretch out of shore
i thought you were all informed well before'

who would inform us on all this
who informed the stray on all this
the relation with the world we all miss
the listener in us to the resonance is a total miss

as children we did well
awake in us mind body and soul
as we grow the mind becomes all
we lose sensitivity of body and soul

the inbuilt listener we don't honor
a science built detector we harbor
to tell us what is in store for the future


[two days after tsunami in chennai there was an article in thina thanthi
a tamil daily about this sanctuary situated in mayiladu durai...in kodai fm there was a report on a zoo in srilanka where too the animals responded much before tsunami came]

bye bye... bye bye 07 October 2009

This poem is an urgent call. Yes, why don´t we listen to our inner voice? You are so right, we desperately need that tool NOW! Thank you!

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Anand Madhukar 04 October 2009

A profound piece about mankind being disconnected with its inner voice as well as with nature. I loved its meditative and contemplative flow.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 25 September 2009

Beautiful and well thought out poem. It seems human do not listen to inner self or voice within. I believe we have instincts like animals but have been conditioned to listen to the outside voices of humans. Thanks for sharing this informative poem. I learned things about the Tsunami that I didn't know. this poem could be a 'teachable moment' for the world, It deserved a 10+++

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Aparna Sinha 20 September 2009

Its a beautiful write, Sir I read many of your poems and I awe everytime. its just that I am not expressive enough to write what I think of them! they are all wow! ! ! thanks for sharing

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Shakuntala Sharma 17 September 2009

A beautiful poem - to regain the 'sensitivity of the soul', may be, we ought to read more and more poetry- thanks for making me read this poem of yours- as there are so many new poems everyday, sometimes we miss to read worth-reading poems

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Raj Nandy 21 December 2009

Through the art of meditation one can fine tune that 'listening ability' of the soul! You have spoken of 'resonance'! For more than two decades now, Scientists are desperately trying through mathametical models - for a Theory of Everything! They call it M-Theory! There are tiny nano strings vibrating all over cosmos, like the resonance of violin strings! The type of String(open/closed string) and the kind of resonance or vibrations made, - results in creation of all matter in cosmos! In fact the entire Universe vibrates & resonates creating the music of God's philharmonic orchestra! ! So let us tune ourseleves to listen to His heavenly music! FOR YOU POEM 10! -Raj

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Prof. Dr. Sakti Chakravorty 08 November 2009

‘…the inbuilt listener we don't honor…’ Why but? Excellent poem Ten++ dr.sakti

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Gold Fish 19 October 2009

It's certainly a perspective worthy of consideration. Very contemplating in the face of tragedy...truly sad...that things like this occur. Thanks for sharing.

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AtreyaSarma Uppaluri 17 October 2009

A few pertinent questions raised on man’s limitations. Yes, it’s said, animals have that sixth sense against impending dangers, whereas man is deficient in it. Sometimes even animals can’t help it, as for example when a river is in spate. Anyway, man is unfortunately distancing himself from nature and so some of his native talents have already slipped into disuse…heavily depending as he is on external means. A thought-provoking composition.

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Seema Chowdhury 15 October 2009

thanks for drawing my attention to this wonderful poem. its true. wish here was something that could be done.

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