İnstructor Poems: 3 / 500

A Silent Sight

Rating: 5.0

a fleet of birds
in the sky
forming an arrow
cutting across the wind
to reach their destination....
the shape remains the same
the birds keep changing their positions
to avoid exhaustion
what was the instruction?
who was their instructor?
no gathered audience
there was not a sound in this sight

a fleet of fighter planes
in the sky
forming an arrow
cutting across the wind
it was a demonstration
the shape keeps changing
the planes keep changing positions
it is a planned execution
there was an instruction
there was a team leader
a gathered audience to applause
there was a lot of sound in this sight

one is quite natural....
the other is done to show potential.

Lynn Glover 25 September 2009

A very good write. I enjoyed reading and give you a 10. Your friend Lynn

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Shekhar Joshi 25 September 2009

one is natural.... other showing potential....... i liked it.........the imagery u created.....and your thinking process........and yeah the writing style.......

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Joshua Mason 25 September 2009

really good check my stuff out x

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Shashendra Amalshan 25 September 2009

This indeed is a very good write.. I like the argumentative manner in which you express yourself.. You always make the reader think.. This is great..10++ regards Shan

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Vanita Thakkar 25 September 2009

A very good thought, invokes further thinking. Nice comparision. Vanita.

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Paul Amrod 27 May 2018

Hi Samanyan, The only spiritual presence is that of the birds. If we as humans cannot talk over problems then we are lost, Greetings, Paul

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 06 November 2009

It’s a very good observation of Nature’s mosaic and well compared with ‘Man-Made’ same. Enjoyed Sir. Ten+ niv. New post Expiry ~ Date or any poem. Please read and comment and…. niv.

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Emu Getachew 31 October 2009

One is divinely orchestrated and the other flocks of birds could be used to destroy divine's beauty. Great comparison.

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Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 25 October 2009

Without any formal training, a fleet of bird take an organized flight, reorient themselves to change position.Fighter planes do the same thing under instruction. Apparently their patterns of cruises are very similar, but a lot differs behind.Excellent idea.

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Nalini Hebbar 08 October 2009

manmade vs nature...for me nature wins hands down...regards

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